Ghost Riders 10yr Anniversary Tour 2013 Booking NOW!

Ghost Riders 10yr Anniversary Tour 2013 Booking NOW!

 Tampa, Florida, USA
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“Roots Music Report Well radio DJ’s if you don’t think this band is hot, you need to pack up your headphones and get out of the music business. The Ghost Riders produce some of the finest southern roots rock and roll to arrive at radio stations in quite sometime. ”
— Crystal Starr LaFountain, Roots Music



Toured with THE OUTLAWS throughout the '80's. Wrote "Fallen Hero," for the Disney/Touchstone movie: Can't Buy Me Love.
"Keepin' Our Love Alive", TOP 40 HIT for the Henry Paul Band, "The Outlaw" and "Lady Luck" for The Outlaws.



Joined the Henry Paul Band on Atlantic Records. Wrote "GREY GHOST", the title track,selling over 250,000 copies. Sang the band's first
nationally charted single, "CROSSFIRE". Worked at KING SNAKE with ACE MORLAND recording several CDs including "Gypsy Soul".

has been writing, recording and producing a wealth of musical influences for the last three decades. He has headlined as well as opened for many acts including Molly Hatchet, APB (Artimus Pyle Band), Night Ranger and Kansas, to name a few. He headlined and helped arrange the very first two John Boy and Billy Big Bash events. His high energy shows are a testament to his musical talent. His single release in 1986 scored well in the national music charts. An album release in 1995 gained national and international recognition. In 1999, he was signed to SOR Records – Nashville where later he and label president Ken Woods formed a management team to work with other artists. He had two single releases which did well stateside and made the European CMA playlist.


Girls Raised In The South

Written By: S. Grisham, B. Rapp

I went out to California
Where the girls are so tan
Made my way up to NY
Where they really know how to love their man
Those mid-west farmers daughters
Really know how to roll in the hay
But now I'm back in Dixie
And I just got to say
G-R-I-T-S, give me a southern girl
In a short cotton dress
Those northern girls really knock me out
And I love girls raised in the south


Written By: S. Grisham,B. Rapp

I've got roots
Deep in the ground
And I will always be around
I'm a tree growin' strong
My branches are long
And I will never let you down

So let the wind blow
It won't blow me down
'Cause I've got roots, deep in the ground

When the leaves
Turn to gold
And the wind blows cold
You might think, that I'm gone
Oh, brother
You're wrong

Lightning strikes
Burnes me down
But I will always be around
'Cause I've got roots
deep in the ground
'Cause I've got roots deep in the ground


Fortune Teller ---- MIRA VISTA RECORDS

Back To The Rock --- Phoenix Records

Too Many Skeletons In Your Closet --- Phoenix Records

Ghost Riders with George McCorkle and Johnny Neeel

Fortune Teller 2.0 Beyond.FM/Mira Vista Records

THE OUTLAWS: Soldiers of Fortune --- CBS/PASHA

CAN'T BUY ME LOVE SOUND TRACK --- Touchtone Pictures

FORTUNE TELLER -- Mira Vista Records

FORTUNE TELLER 2.0 -- Mira Vista Records

BACK TO THE ROCK ---- Phoenix Records

LOOKIN' FOR TROUBLE ---- Grisham solo record

THE OUTLAW YEARS --- Grisham solo record.

GYPSY SOUL ---- Barry Rapp solo record.

ROUTE 66 -- Barry Rapp solo album.

BROTHERS OF THE SOUTHLAND -- Zoho Records --Bo Bice, Jimmy Hall, Henry Paul: lead vocals
Jimmy Hall: sax, harmonica
Jay Boy Adams: guitar
Steve Grisham: guitar, vocals
"Dangerous" Dan Toler: guitar
Mike Brignardello: bass
Steve Gorman: drums

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Radio airplay on over 2,000 radio stations across the U.S.

Set List

1 1/2hour set or MORE .....

Including all the hit songs from the various bands
that the respective members have written for and
played in.

"Green Grass and High Tides" Outlaws

"Grey Ghost" Henry Paul Band

"There Goes Another Love Song" Outlaws

"Freeborn Man" Outlaws

"Keepin' Our Love Alive" written for Henry Paul Band

"The Outlaw" written for the Outlaws

"Lady Luck" written for the Outlaws

100 Proof
Missin' Dixie
Back To The Rock
Ain't Nuthin' Changed
Fightin' Fire With Fire
Love and Pain
Grey Ghost
Fortunate Man

THE OUTLAWS --- There Goes Another Love Song
Green Grass and High Tides, Freeborn Man, Lady Luck and The Outlaw (from the Soldiers of Fortune Record CBS)

HENRY PAUL BAND --- Keepin' Our Love Alive
(written by Steve Grisham of Ghost Riders)
Grey Ghost.

GHOST RIDERS --- Shotgun Run, Roots, Ain't Nuthin' Changed, Gone South, Back To The Rock,
Missin' Dixie.