Ghosts & Bones

Ghosts & Bones

 New York City, New York, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Garage rock for the next generation.... With a strict preference to "keepin it live", Ghosts & Bones records tracks which have a natural energy about them... With minimal help from modern day digital tools, Dave Wegener and Ian Bryn take record making back to the "Old School".


Ghosts and Bones is a duo hailing from the great New York City area. Dave Wegener and Ian Bryn have a long history as friends and fellow musicians. One day Dave had a song and Ian had a studio… With Ian on the drums and Dave on everything else, they refined and recorded that song … On that day Ghosts and Bones was unofficially born.

With the success of their first single, “Tricky Buisiness”, Ian sent Dave on his way to write more songs…. Dave did just that, and they where back in the studio soon to continue what they had started. The chemistry between these two musicians kept them hard at work and soon they had compiled a 4 song E.P. entitled “Ghosts and Bones”. It had a heavy hitting and rough-cut garage rock sound that they where both into.

The production techniques employed by Ghosts and Bones are a step back to the old days of music production. Most songs where recorded using 4 track cassette tape, a dead medium which gave them a very unique sound when compared to much of the music that is heard today. Embracing the roughness of the recordings and performances was a part of the Ghosts and Bones motto.

Now, Ghosts and Bones are working on their 3rd record to be entitled “III”. The second E.P. was called “II”, and it gave listeners more of the sweet harmonies and guitar, drum and bass driven rock sound that they wanted. With each song they wrote, ghosts and Bones have come closer to crafting their desired sound and working process, one of quick decisions and extreme tones. Little is saved for mixing, and they like it like that. The songs sound like what they sound like. And that is something that Ghosts and Bones will probably never change.

All of their records are available at . And all their recordings are currently free to anyone who wants them. Eventually Ghosts and Bones plan on releasing a full length album, but until then, you can enjoy their first 2 E.P.’s and look forward to what is to come. Thanks for listening!

- The ghost of Leonardo Da'Vinci


Ghosts & Bones - Ghosts & Bones
Ghosts & Bones - II