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"US College Radio Stations with All the Villains playlisted"

WDTS (Georgetown, DE)

WLCA (Godfrey, IL)

WRUR (Rochester, NY)

WTSC (Potsdam, NY)

WUNH (Durham, NH)

KCR (San Diego, CA)

KPSU (Portland, OR)

KRSC (Claremore, OK)

WAMH (Amherst, MA)

WCCS (Norton, MA)

WDPS (Dayton, OH)

WHFR (Dearborn, MI)

WLOY (Baltimore, MD)

WMTU (Houghton, MI)

WNEK (Springfield, MA)

WRHO (Oneonta, NY)

WTSR (Ewing, NJ)

WUSR (Scranton, PA) (Cincinnati, OH)

KBHU (Spearfish, SD)

KBUT (Crested Butte, CO)

KDHX (St. Louis, MO)

KFAI (Minneapolis, MN)

KHSU (Arcata, CA)

KIDE (Hoopa, CA)

KOPN (Columbia, MO)

KPUR (Forest Grove, OR)

KRCB (Rohnert Park, CA)

KRVS (Lafayette, LA)

KSOC (Ashland, OR)

KTEC (Klamath Falls, OR)

KUNM (Albuquerque, NM)

KVNF (Paonia, CO)

WBIM (Bridgewater, MA)

WBOR (Brunswick, ME)

WERU (E. Orland, ME)

WGBK (Glenview, IL)

WGDR (Plainfield, VT)

WHSS (Hamilton, OH)

WITR (Rochester, NY)

WMUH (Allentown, PA)

WORT (Madison, WI)

WQHS (Philadelphia, PA)

WQRI (Bristol, RI)

WRDP (Chicago, IL)

WRFS (Blue Bell, PA)

WSRU (Slippery Rock, PA)

WSUP (Platteville, WI)

CHUO (Ottawa, ON)

KANM (College Station, TX)

KKCR (Princeville, HI)

KSTM (Indianola, IA)

KUWS (Superior, WI)

KXCI (Tuscon, AZ)

WAIH (Potsdam, NY)

WARY (Valhalla, NY)

WBUL (Tampa, FL)

WCCM (Randolph, NJ)

WEOS (Geneva, NY)

WESN (Bloomington, IL)

WISU (Terre Haute, IN)

WIUS (Macomb, IL)

WJCU (University Heights, OH)

WMCO (New Concord, OH)

WMEB (Orono, ME)

WMLU (Farmville, VA)

WMUR (Milwaukee, WI)

WSBF (Clemson, SC)

WSCS (New London, NH)

WSYC (Shippensburg, PA)

WUPX (Marquette, MI)

WUSB (Centereach, NY)

WVAU (Washington, DC)

WZBT (Gettysburg, PA)

CFMU (Hamilton, ON)

KALX (Berkeley, CA)

KKSM (San Marcos, CA)

KSJS (San Jose, CA)

KSRQ (Thief River Falls, MN)

KTCU (Fort Worth, TX)

KUT (Austin, TX)

WCVM (Morrisville, NY)

WDCV (Carlisle, PA)

WPRB (Princeton, NJ)

WRPI (Troy, NY)

WSJU (Jamaica, NY)

WUMF (Farmington, ME)

WVMW (Scranton, PA)


KEXP (Seattle, WA)

KRCC (Colorado Springs, CO)

WBNY (Buffalo, NY)

WECB (Boston, MA)

WGSU (Geneseo, NY)

WLUW (Chicago, IL)

WNYU (New York, NY)

WRAS (Atlanta, GA)

WREK (Atlanta, GA)

WTJU (Charlottesville, VA)

WUOG (Athens, GA)

WUTK (Knoxville, TN)

WVKR (Poughkeepsie, NY)

WVUM (Coral Gables, FL)

WVYC (York College, PA)

WXBC (Annandale-On-Hudson, NY)

KDNK (Carbondale, CO)

KTRM (Kirksville, MO)

WNSU (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

WXUT (Toledo, OH) - Powderfinger Promotions

"Essex County Line."

Essex County Line the debut single from fresh faced indie rockers Device is as commercial as sugar but just as pleasant. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with a song even if it sounds like you've heard it before but it's played well enough. Just look at all the pop punk bands.

Back to Essex County Line though, Device is a band that should be more than capable of turning their talents into a lucrative career going by this breezy little number. Bit of Editors but played by The Smiths whilst directed by Brian Wilson and you've got the right idea!

It made me smile and nod my head. During the summer months that's enough to warrant a big thumbs up. - Alt Nation.

"Essex County Line"

Essex County Line is a driving indie rock number that brings to mind the likes of The Smiths and early Suede playing Springsteen or Sam's Town era Killers, theirs a wonderful combination of Uk indie and college radio American rock that unites to form a rootsy vibrant sound with hook-laden melodies and infectious, instantly memorable vocals.

The b-sides are every bit as impressive, Sirens adds a slight Bowie influence to their sound (especially in the vocal department on occasion), whilst Angels Of The South is perhaps the best track of the trio, it's a moving and somewhat darker track which see's the band turn the guitars up, let loose with a barrage of drums and throw in a few samples mid song to create an intriguing and contagious indie rock anthem.

Device have everything in place to create a huge splash, if you like the idea of a more urgent and energised take on the kind of tales that Suede were so good at writing you'll love this band.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 9 - Rhythm and Booze

"Essex County Line"

A promising trio of songs, ESSEX COUNTY LINE suggests Device as a band definitely worth watching closely over the coming year.

Delivering chest beating, stadium friendly indie rock, London based four piece Device are a band with their eye on the Snow Patrol/Razorlight crowds judging by new release, ESSEX COUNTY LINE.
Upbeat, buoyant indie rock tunes that have the habit of getting under your skin, the trio of songs here hint at possible big things. ESSEX COUNTY LINE is a catchy number that rides along on melodic guitar rushes and stirring synth washes, a massive chorus demanding your undivided attention in a Killers type way. Elsewhere, SIRENS finds the band doing an admirable job of blending Morrissey and Razorlight whilst ANGEL OF THE SOUTH hints at Device's epic rock ambitions, a definite U2-esque flair for stadium rocking glory.
A promising trio of songs, ESSEX COUNTY LINE suggests Device as a band definitely worth watching closely over the coming year. - UK Music Search

"Device Live at the Underworld"

The Camden Underworld’s lights dim, the Device faithful fall quiet. Opener This Town is ours (For the Taking) begins with its whirligig riff and instantly any doubts as to whether the band can cut it live are laid to rest. Chris leaps into second track Steep, jumping with such height he should lodge a flight plan with the FAA. Vinnie on guitar, gives us his version of what an electrical storm could sound like through a PA, lending the song a razor sharp edge.
The party faithful are now in full flow, giving Device a crowd to really play too. If there are bands on the circuit that actually look like they enjoy themselves during a gig, these London boys are one of those acts. You can’t help but just smile.

My favourite track of the night, Essex County Line, fires on all cylinders. They use every instrument in their arsenal on the first note. It shoots you in the head with a bang and suddenly we’re away.
Device sing about the Essex Coast, the Great West Road, taxis and waiting for the bus with a twisted, British take on the American folk rock sound, this ends up coming across as something a kin to Jarvis Cocker fronting the E Street Band. It’s a unique and tremendously warming effect. They seem strangely out of kilter with any current scene, although The Hours or Guillemots would perhaps be taking notes if they were here tonight. This town may yet be theirs for the taking. - First Live Music

"Essex: A12 Aims to Oust Route 66"

A budding rock star's song about Essex has been making waves in America.

Woody, a singer with London band Device, said their anthemic single Essex County Line could make the A12 as famous as Route 66.

"The single is really personal to me. It's about the journey from your roots to where you are now, and back again," he said.

"I'm originally from the Colchester area, and whenever I cross back over the Essex border at the Dartford Crossing it's always a significant journey for me."

Essex County Line has had massive airplay on US college radio.

"At one point, there were 80 stations playing it from Alaska to Hawaii to New York," said Woody, whose real name is Chris Underwood.

"We've just started promoting it over here. We're getting radio play all over the place, we're just building it up and getting our name known."
- Clacton and Frinton Gazette

"Amazon Review - Espionage"

Already a favourite act of mine on the London live circuit, I've been waiting with baited breath for the release of Device's debut album. If this album sounds a lot more accomplished than many debuts that is because this band have apparently been honing their craft on both sides of the pond for some time now. Band's can often lose that raw edge that they deliver live. Thankfully the music of Device seems even more sublime for having been through studio production.
The opener 'Drug Running' is a belting U2esque anthem that is possibly one of the more instantly catchy tunes on the album. The rest of the album relies largely on haunting melodies and the subtly yet always emotively delivered lyrics of lead singer Chris Underwood. Despite the mysterious depths of tunes like 'To the End of the World' or 'Smoke and Mirrors' these boys know how to deliver a rousing chorus when it's required such as on 'International Rescue' and 'Score'.

'Naked' sounds like the Bond theme you wish Pulp had gotten round to. In fact 'Espionage' is a fitting title to an album that sounds like it could be a soundtrack to a 21st century Bond film.

I feel it's often a band's slower moments that prove the quality of an artist and 'Vauxhall Cross' more than attests to Device's worth. This is possibly the album's defining moment "You never thought MI6 could make you cry" sings Underwood, in what could never be a straight forward song about lost love. There may have been a better song released so far this year. I just haven't heard it yet!

- Amazon

"Device - Essex County Line"

Device have had a more than interesting start to their career despite limited success in Britain so far, they have built up a decent sized following across America.

This was achieved on the back of an album called Espionage being put out on a tiny New York label in 2006, a tour funded through alcohol and bribing a customer in the bar that one of them worked in and the rest as they say is….being in the top ten most requested chart at over a hundred and fifty radio stations in the U.S.!

Essex County Line is the bands debut release in their native UK and the limited edition 12” single (also available as a download) could well become quite collectable in time. They are full of summery pop hooks, soaring guitars and vocals are kept upbeat at all times, this is very definitely an anthem in waiting. - The Beat Surrender

"Device - Essex County Line"

London's Device took the unusual move of establishing an American following before settling back in their native country and although there's a certain lack of credibility in recording backing tracks for Shakin' Stevens and jamming with Will Smith, it's always handy to get a bit of exposure at the start of a band's career. Device's 'Essex County Line' - their first release - is a three track EP.

The title track isn't actually the best thing on here. 'Sirens', on the other hand, is substantially better; frontman "Woody" showing the variation in his vocal, the band's guitars ring out wrapping themselves around a chorus which captures the vibrancy of a thrilling night. Then 'Angel Of The South' begins in run-of-the-mill fashion but recovers to produce a rousing finish. It's a useful beginning for Device and they do seem capable of creating their own sound.
- Leonard's Lair


We have recorded a jumble of ideas in various spare rooms in the South East - nothing professional yet, you'll know when we do.



Three, maybe more, individuals - bass, guitar, drums, cello, keyboards... others.

Songs about South East London, Lake Ontario, Love, Hope and Buzz Aldrin.

This is very early days for the Ghostship Lanterns, so watch this space.