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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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"The Savages at Headhunter"

On August 27th at 11:00, 100 or so college age fans and friends of the Austin Native band The Savages backed the outdoor stage at Headhunters. From the upstairs balcony, I have a great view and can see the concertgoers anxiously await the to start their set. 10 seconds into the first song, which is an extended improv jam titled "ELEPHANT SUIT JAM IN Bb" this band is well weathered and as tight as a military diving apparatus. I have never seen such young looking musicians portray musicianship as well developed as these young men... counterpoint is the theme of the evening and with no hesitation their next song entitled "ANOTHER ONE IN THE HALLWAY..." ensues. A very sweet and concise arrangement for a psychedelic love song. The evening makes way into the hour long set when a medley of song clips is played and Elton Johns "TINY DANCER" is followed up by Nirvana's "SERVE THE SERVANTS" and rounded off by Metallica's "ENTER SANDMAN" A humorous four bar version and every music store employee's worst nightmare was washed away by a 10 minute ode to the King of Pop himself. "Billie Jean" just kept going and going, but with taste a freshness. The evening was rounded out by the ballad "THE PROBLEM WITH LOVING YOU" an ironic idea in that the evening was heartfelt, fun, and executed with a naivete that is rare to see in acts nowadays. Hats off to The Savages!!!

Seth Gibbs
Producer & Engineer
Superpop Records
8/27/2009 -


*Enshrined by Smoldering Clouds (debut full-length album)
*Awake at Dawn (feature folk-music EP)

*single- 7eiben (Enshrined by Smoldering Clouds) featured on 91.3 KO-OP radio
*single-Crime Pill (Enshrined by Smoldering Clouds) featured at Dazed and Confused Magazine event NYC



The Brown brothers age ten and eleven from Austin, TX. learn guitar from their neighbor in his living room after school... Ghost Shirt Empire are born. Three years later the group is completed after Geoff crashes a jam with Ryan and Jared. "We had played three and a half measures of music when we all stopped playing because we knew we were onto something." "After Jon was added, our psychedelic and noise sound was fully culminated." Our love for psychedelic, jazz, and funk music ranges from old to new, being The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, King Crimson, Jeff Beck, Neil, Young, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Greatful Dead, Stravinsky, and Wagner ... to new Acts such as John Frusciante, Jeff Buckley, Portishead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana. This culmination of influences and a decade of creation has lead to The Savages creating a sound that is all their own...