Ghosts & Liars

Ghosts & Liars


Orchestral indie folk/pop made by your broken-hearted best friends who have never been afraid to love R.E.M.


"This town won't bury it's dead..."

There are mornings that you'll wake up and you'll realize that you don't want to go to work, you don't want to see your friends and you don't want to turn on the television to visit the world's problems on a flat, high-definition surface. The idea of leaving your room to go see a movie sounds trivial because each actor and actress on screen has had their drug problems and sexual liaisons captured and documented by this hour's hippest celebrity blog and for some reason, you just can't relate to another movie about a twenty-something coming of age and dropping out of college to pursue that crazy and always attractive girl from his old hometown.

You've lived inside cities and outside cities and still can't decide if people change based on their surroundings or if the surroundings adapt to accommodate each new face someone acquires. You've probably tried to move somewhere that your friends gave you endless grief about while their insides rotted with jealousy about how you might get somewhere before them.

Most likely you've told someone you dislike a song you've never actually heard.

You have enemies. You have triumphs and tragedies galore. You've had a first pet that you still miss after all these years. You've burned bridges only to rebulid them just to burn them down again. You believe in people until they stop believing in you, or at least stop acting like they do. You have at least three friends that want to "make it".

This is Ghosts & Liars.



Set List

Typically between 5 to 8 songs.
30-45 minutes.