Ghosts Of Fairfax

Ghosts Of Fairfax

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Our band has a mixture of influences that comes from the band members. Drums have a metal+jazz feel. Guitars are from Hardcore to Metal. It helps widen the spectrum so that we are not constricted to one sound. We are very dedicated to an art that some people feel is dead in North Dakota.


We are a band that is bonded by strong members. With influences like Dream Theater, Pantera, Machine Head, King Diamond, Ozzy, Billy Idol, Lamb of God and many more. We have been playing the bar scene with some North Dakota acts like Kamilla and SemiStranded. And have also shared the stage with some signed upcoming acts like We Were Gentlemen(Century Media). What makes our band unique is the brother combination. Justin and Zack are brothers who have the heart for music that resembles others like Eddie and Alex Van Halen or Dimebag and Vinnie Paul from Pantera. With their dedication the band always comes prepared and are very professional.


Currently in the works of a full length. Late April Release.

Set List

Our sets range from an hour to an hour and half depending on the gig. Our set list consists of half originals and half covers. We do covers of Killswitch Engage, Billy Idol, Metallica, Machine Head, Dio and many others. Our set lists change as we learn new covers and write new material on a daily basis.