Ghosts Project

Ghosts Project


The Ghosts Project create earth shaking atmospheric soundscapes using Violin/Viola, Bass and Drums. The range of style is great, with elements of Dub and Drum & Bass resting comfortably along side Hindustani and European Classical Musics.


The Ghosts Project is an improvised music trio featuring composer/violinist Paul Mercer (of The Changelings, Dp3 and The Sweet Meat Love and Holy Cult,) percussionist Davis Petterson (of Dp3, Strezo, Khat and Smoking Section) and bassist and programmer Matt Mansfield (of KingRat, Piper St Sound and Dp3). The Ghosts Project is an effort to evoke emotional atmospheres through free improvisation on a wide variety of instruments. The style of music is an assimilation of the trio's performing experience, combining elements of classical, hindustani, folk, dub and other influences.


The Ghosts Project Live
Ghosts Dub
Flaming Golden Boar

Set List

Our typical set is far from typical- songs can range from written to improvised with lengths varying from 5 minutes a song to whenever the power gets turned off. We are working on these peices now and usually play them...
Flaming Golden Boar
Raja Devi
War Zulu