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Ghost Town Riot

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ghost Town Riot @ Chop Suey"

Ghost Town Riot has a sweepingly huge sound to their songs. The Seattle band caught my attention because its drummer Jeff Brown was in Aruvius Thud, another Seattle band – one I caught onto a bit too late – but I am hoping I have discovered this band for myself right when I should. I like the tempo changes in their songs; I don’t think they’re randomly placed just for the sake of moving the music along. This group plays rock with an entirely symphonic and open touch, and I want to see them again, get more familiar with their songs. I’m checking this out right now. Right now. - Dagmar Sieglinde - Backbeat Seattle

"Ghost Town Riot"

By now we have all heard that term “indie” a few too many times. Most of us remember when the term meant something. If you miss the days when indie was synonymous with original, then be sure to catch Ghost Town Riot tonight at the Sunset. Though their music is clearly at home wearing the indie badge, it is refreshing because it changes. Come on–you know what I mean. How many times have you been at an indie rock show, and at the end felt like the band had just played the same song for an hour? Ghost Town Riot has a very eclectic sound from song to song, and often within the songs themselves. The songs are thoughtfully put together, lyrically well written, with great vocal performances and harmonies. If you haven’t heard these guys yet, take a couple of minutes and check out their stuff.

It’s going to be a pretty solid night of indie out in Ballard tonight. Ghost Town Riot is headlining, but be sure to get there early. Post Adolescence and Ticktockman are also on the bill and they are both worth a look. Check out the video below for a preview of the evenings indie awesomeness! - Billy McManus - Seattle Show Gal

"Ghost Town Riot Jan 2010"

Unfortunately, you’ll have to rely on the band’s myspace page for media, but this band sounds pretty compelling. I haven’t seen this band yet, nor was I able to find any press on them, but after listening to the song “Bird Losses,” it sounds like the band has good structure and strong vocals. Ghost Town Riot play around in minor chords, mix harmonies, and have clean, fun sounding vocals. Adding a little bit of ska pop and some blues to the guitar is another interesting twist. They aren’t exactly on the map yet, but who knows, maybe they will be soon. - Nikki Benson - Seattle Show Gal

"Ghost Town Riot Neumos"

Also, on the bill, are Lost Dogma, playing indie country americana, Noah Parriot, playing acoustic indie, and what might be one of my favorite bands of the night, Ghost Town Riot. Ghost Town Riot’s myspace defines them as “ghettotech/ freestyle/chinese traditional”, which sounds fairly implausible, but they do have an intriguing sound, similar to RX Bandits and Sublime. - Seattle Subsonic

"Ghost Town Riot Nectar"

Thge great thing about seeing bands play is that there is always more than one and sometimes you get a little surprise. My favorite on the bill turned out to be Ghost Town Riot. Maybe I have a little thing for lead guitarist, but that aside, I love this band. Considering that the near empty bar filled quickly for this gig, it was apparent that they have a good following and also can be found on KNDD, you know, The End? I'm seeking out a cd as we speak. - A Pocket of Rocks


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