Ghost Twin

Ghost Twin

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
DuoElectronicDark Wave

Ghost Twin is a dark synthpop duo from Winnipeg, Canada, that combine roaring synthlines, dirty pulsing bass, dreamy guitar, and a haunting vocal dichotomy where Baroque meets Industrial, with live video percussion that feeds cinema through a cut-up technique imbued with occult aesthetics. Their audio/visual performance creates a full sensory evocative narrative of shadowy haunted rooms occupied by astral phantasms and electronic voices from beyond the aether.


Ghost Twin is a WCMA-nominated dark synthpop duo from Winnipeg.

The band is Karen and Jaimz Asmundson, longtime artistic collaborators and husband-and-wife of 12 years. Jaimz, also an internationally-recognized filmmaker, first worked with Karen on a self-aware dark comedy short film, “Goths! On the Bus!”.  The film played at international festivals including Cannes. They then began to develop the concept for Ghost Twin, a new occult dark dance project that could incorporate edited video as both percussion and visuals.  

Their first EP Here We Are In The Night took their immersive audio/visual show touring across Canada from packed sweaty clubs to acclaimed festivals such as NXNE, Pop Montreal, Breakout West and Terminus. The EP also captured the ears of the Canadian and international indie electronic music scene, including those of Maya Postepski - drummer for Austra and electronic music producer known as Princess Century.

Maya produced and contributed live and programmed drums for Ghost Twin’s first full-length album, working alongside co-producer and engineer Michael P Falk.  The album, Plastic Heart, was released on labels Head In The Sand and Artoffact in May 2017.


Blue Room

Written By: Ghost Twin

I stand with nothing and it speaks of
luminary shadow machines.
At time of death, unraveling us
to the lost abyss.

And afterwards, it speaks of nothing,
love is only a word.
Tired men sit in the blue room in the
red city of green fire.

Over under ever after,
we have eternity.
Left is energy’s creation,
it’s duration
three times three.

Come with us, we’ll give you all you want
and everything you wish for.
Sit with us in this dark blue room
on a seat of stone.

Aftermath, the luminary
snake-dragon comes,
he eats the children
of the lightning-star.

Plastic Heart

Written By: Ghost Twin

Out of the darkness, words unfold,
questions answered, yes or no.
Rest the fingers, drop the guard ,
peer into the plastic heart.

Hidden truths can manifest ,
amplified where fingers rest.
A third companion joins the game,
a presence that cannot be named.

Who are you that knows no rest,
speaking through the alphabet.
Tell us what the future holds,
the price to pay, to name is yours.

Not Our Time

Written By: Ghost Twin

A lazy sunbeam makes its way
across the room
as I sink down into this bed we share.
If I looked over I would see
the ceiling caving in
but I’d rather rest
into your gentle stare.

I’m making coffee for you love,
nudging you gently to get up.
It’s time for life, dreams are done,
a kiss goodbye, warm with the sun.

I hear the door catch,
I know you have returned,
and I forget the time I was alone.
I reach out longingly
and draw your hands inside,
we know this broken house
contains a happy home.

The chilling wind, the burning sun.
They cannot claim us till we’re done,
and my love it’s not our time.

Someday we’ll find a little place,
glass-cased shelves, a rooftop garden.
Until then, my home’s your smiling face,
a safe space to lay my heart in.

Chymical Wedding

Written By: Ghost Twin

We were young, we were poor,
but we felt immortal.
Over by the ocean shore,
we romanced into the gold.

Anything was possible,
but you chose to hide away.
Stolen by a kiss,
that pulled you away from me.

We’ll never see the end together,
our futures are miles apart.
The poison is in your heart forever,
consumed by the dark.

You now old, broken soul,
too late to break free.
Once we were so in love
but that was never meant to to be.

Golden wings burned in the sun,
where we’re terrified to be.
Silver sails towards the moon,
where one day we all will see.

Mystic Sabbath

Written By: Ghost Twin

Whirlwind, eagle lion,
tree upon mountain zion.
Marriage of starbeam clod,
mystic sabbath saints of god.
Stride the broomstick god in man,
spur the goat whose name is Pan.
Heaven knows itself unjust,
Beneath hoofs stars are puffs of dust.

Rise my soul, space is spanned,
Time a poppy crushed in hand.
While thou reaches out to grip,
Grail of god tilt to thy lip.
Whirring shaft of light a web,
tides of being flow and ebb.
One heartbeat eternal stress,
extremes that cancel nothingness.

Energized self sustained,
eagle-pinioned lion maned,
exulting splendour as it lashes,
phoenix plumes immortal ashes.
One fleck seed of spirit spun,
whirls and creates a sun.
Cosmos bounding in its course,
sacred snake the father force.


Plastic Heart (LP) - May 19, 2017, Head In The Sand / Artoffact

You Bring the Worst Out in Me, You're All Liars (Split EP with Kindest Cuts) - October 27, 2015, Dub Ditch Picnic

Here We Are In The Night (EP) - April 7 2015, Dub Ditch Picnic

Set List

Full set list:

Fire of the Mind
(6 mins)
Chymical Wedding (5.5 mins)
Here We Are In The Night (5 mins)
The Haunt (5 mins)
Blue Room (5.5 mins)
Oft She Visits (4 mins)
Into Oblivion (5 mins)
Saturn Swallows the Sun (6 mins)
Not Our Time (4.5 mins)
ElectroHirsute (6 mins)
Plastic Heart (5.5 mins)
I'm Deranged (4.5 mins)
Evermore (4 mins)
Grind (5 mins)
Mystic Sabbath (6 mins)
Sinewave (6.5 mins)