Ghostwriter is a one-man band who recently toured as the opener for the Legendary Shack Shakers and Dex Romweber (Flat Duo Jets) prior. He's played festivals from Sleazefest in Chapel Hill to Not The Same Old Blues Crap in London.


Ghostwriter was born Steve Schecter in 1976 in Friend Oregon, a rural communty east of the Cascades and south of the Columbia Gorge. His first bands emerged in Portland in the early nineties at places like the Satyricon and the X-Ray Café. Upon turning 19 he hopped a train headed for Austin with a guitar and a backpack. Between 1996 and 2002 Schecter formed and fronted the bands Billy Swamp, The Standards, and End Of The West along with periodically performing acoustic under the alias Cole Stephens. In the fall of ’02, at a time when his peers were consumed with careers of more supposed validity, Schecter started playing solo as Ghostwriter. Although his music has been described as bleak, self-loathing and even apocalyptic; Ghostwriter’s musical irreverence is a welcome change to the perfected sub-genres and posturing of rock ‘n roll today.

The 2006 release “Darkest Hour” (the last adventure is here) is the third in a series of self-released analogue recordings including 2003‘s “As I Go Alone (songs of love and significance)“ and 2004‘s “Road Angels and Torrential Rain (travel, murder and loss)”. A Ghostwriter track was included with the ranks of T-Model Ford and Immortal Lee County Killers on ‘This Is Punk Rock Blues,’ a 2005 compilation released on London’s Punk Rock Blues Records as well as the 2007 2-disc compilation 'Attack Of The One-Man Bands' on Rock n' Roll Purgatory Records.

Ghostwriter has toured eleven times in the United States and twice through the countries of England and Germany. He recently toured as the opener for the Legendary Shack Shakers and Dex Romweber (Flat Duo Jets) prior. He's played in festivals from Sleazefest in Chapel Hill, NC. to Not The Same Old Blues Crap in London.

In February 2007 Schecter returned to Central Oregon where he continues to perform and record as Ghostwriter. In July of 2007 Ghostwriter and San Antonio's no-wave blues trio Boxcar Satan are making a collaborative record for a Dogfinger/End Of The West release.


2006 Darkest Hour (the last adventure is here) -CD
2004 Road Angels & Torrential Rain (travel, murder &loss) -CD
2003 As I Go Alone (songs of love & significance) -CD
2005 Ghostwriter/Walin' Elroys Split 7" ep. Rock n' Roll Purgatory Records
2005 This Is Punk Rock Blues- Compilation on Punk Rock Blues records, London.
2007 Attack of The One-Man Bands- Compilation on Rock n' Roll Purgatory

There has been college, community and internet radio play off the Darkest Hour and Road Angels & Torrential Rain CDs. Songs include: 15 Minutes, Desolate, False Hearted, Sailing, Blue-Eyed Girl, Cooked, Human Life, Driving. Cities include: London, Irvine, Austin, Boston, Knoxville, Portland, Rochester, Richmond, NYC, St. Louis, Cleveland.

Set List

Set lists are all originals. 8-10 songs and 35- 45 minutes, 'hit it & quit it'. Longer sets can be done but I usually play rock clubs with 3 to 4 acts a night and short sets are what the market calls for.