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Simply put this music at its very essence is -- HUSHmusic. Music that inspires you to Hustle Until Somethin' Happens. Listen and HUSH!


Born in the 1980's to military parents, Pham ENT artist Ghrimm got his foundation in strong discipline & work ethic at a young age. Spending time in SoCal, as well as overseas (United Kingdom), and in South Carolina allowed Ghrimm to be very cultured, and it shows in his music. The quiet story teller began his journey to being a force in music long before he or anyone else realized. Being a 80's baby meant Ghrimm would be raised during the rise of hip-hop. Naturally, he fell in love with this art form. In 2004, after hearing his strong voice on a record with his "Top Notch" comrades Ghrimm knew he had found his calling.

Ghrimm's vast talent has helped him to create hits for not only himself but the group the "Notch Boyz." His "HardBody" mentality has allowed him to record 100's of solo records to date, as well contribute to the release of the Notch Boyz first project "2 Notch For TV." With respected solo projects like "The Pursuit of Perfection" (Volumes 1-3) and his most recent work "Hu.M.A.N.E." (Feb. 2014), Ghrimm has positioned himself to be seen as one of the best young up and coming talents in Southern California. Staying true to his connection to the south and his roots in California is what gives Ghrimm distinctive and memorable sound.

As a student of the game, Ghrimm has taken it upon himself to learn the engineering aspect of music creation as well as the art of production. Possessing a knack for producing hot beats, this Notch Boy has laid down epic production for himself, as well as the Notch Boyz, Ab-Soul (TDE), Curtiss King (Magnate Music), and others. Combine that with an ability to write hit pop and r&b records, as well as his obvious immense talent for creating great hip-hop records, Ghrimm is a force to be reckoned with.

As a true hip-hop fan he credits Jay-Z, Notorious BIG, Outkast, Snoop Dogg and Joe Budden as some of his favorite all time artists. On the other hand he credits Mac (formerly of No Limit) as his favorite MC as well as his inspiriation to even pickup a pen and pad. "See I got started on hip-hop when I was living down south... No Limit was hip-hop down south back then and Mac was their lyrical guru," he states. Ghrimm combines street knowledge, wit, and a vast vocabulary not to just entertain his audience, but to capture their minds with vivid paintings of the world around them and him.
His HUSHmusic (Hustle Until Something Happens) mantra serves as an inspiration for all his fans. Ghrimm is a MC who's live performance matches every ounce of energy you hear in his voice on records. The pride of an MC which resides in him makes him a ruthless competitor who can battle with the best and write (r&b) songs with the upper echelon of competition. Ghrimm's hunger keeps him working on something new and trying to recreate himself all the time. An MC who is destined for something way bigger than mediocrity, Ghrimm has one message for all watching... Stay Tuned.



Written By: Jeremy N. Davis

This is Shamless... Chapter One... Ugh

It's a girl named kisha/I would like you to meet her//
mama was a teacher, step daddy was a preacher//
Solid upbringing from the outside lookn in/but shit looks can be so deceiving//
Teenagers never are what they seemin/get good grades, fighting wit demons//
this was the case for the 16 year old with the beautiful face and the grown woman body/she really had a grown woman body and a grown ass man that sorry nigga Rodney//
Nigga ten years her senior and she ain't even a senior/treat her like shit but then tell her come thru and fuck her like he need her//

Lifestyles of the mothafuckin shameless, brainless, living dangerous/
Like Yolo Nigga, Yolo Nigga/
Gotta Go Hard, Cuz You Only Live Once/
Like Yolo Nigga, Yolo Nigga/
You Know Thats The Motto Us Trill Niggaz Follow/
Lifestyles of the mothafuckin shameless, brainless, and I hope it changes/

Statutory rapist sticking all types of hot hoes nigga shoulda been a cactus/claim to be Baptist, go to church on some Joe Mo shit only for the ratchets//
Tht was in club last night tootin it/couple months ago he met a cougar bitch//
Right after benediction/you know Rodney been hitting that//
Sins unforgivable as they lay there sex wet//
Shes praises her 16 year old daughter/how she gettin str8 a's and she ain't fuckin/then she go to bashing her husband//how he got a congregation and they nigga ain't fuckin//
Discussions end abrubtly as they hear the door creek then kisha just rush in//


Now kisha had a key/but didn't make a scene just asked Rodney oh this how u gon play me//
And mom what the fuck, and Rodney like mom what the fuck/this nigga just catching on//
Then Kisha had a chuckle/and said I guess its good ya husband don't fuck you//
Cuz that nigga burned me, moms say who, she said tht nigga Rodney//
But I thought it was ya husband cuz me and him been fuckin always screaming tht he hates you while whispers that he loves me//
Moms been lyin bout tutoring and PTA meetings/now everyones decieving//
On her way home speeding cuz her husband been cheatin/oh he gon feel her wrath is she keep thinkin/Kisha right behind her damn am I dreaming get home pastor and the son of a deacon, fuckin//




"HuMANE" (February 28,2014)
"The Introduction EP (January 1st, 2014)
"The Pursuit of Perfection III" (September 10, 2012)
"The Pursuit of Perfection II: Casualties of Progress" (December 2011)
"The Pursuit of Perfection" (March 2011)
"31 Days EP" (September 2010)

Supahead (Produced By: B.E. The Individual) (June 2012)

Set List

1. Acapella "Freestyle" or Lamborghini Flow Part 1 (Depending On Venue & Crowd)
2. I Got It
3. Medley of "Party" Records Including: Alcoholism, Weekend Therapy, DrugsXHugs, etc...
4. Paid
5. Supahead