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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"SXSW Preview"

Billboard 3/16/05 SXSW Preview

GIANT DRAG: The voice of Giant Drag singer Annie Hardy is a powerful thing. At once soft and piercing, Hardy's voice is the sound of mystery. She'll hang behind a beat and then ride over a riff, and do it with the calm and coolness of the most cunning femme fatale. And we haven't even touched on her guitar playing. With a sound that draws from the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and the Smashing Pumpkins, Hardy kicks up a wall a noise to dress up her killer hooks. The Los Angeles-based duo of Hardy and keyboardist/drummer Micah Calabrese have released an EP, "Lemona," on the United Kingdom's Wichita label. A full-length debut is due from Interscope-affiliated Kickball Records this summer.
- Billboard 3/16/05

"Bands to Watch" 3/18/05

A dry wit lies behind every lick of her guitar. Spin has described them as 'like Mazzy Star stumbling home from a pub crawl.' Led by chain-smoking Annie Hardy, Giant Drag take you into Annie's world, where love is hard to find, especially when you're looking for someone just like Dad. Their sound will remind you of The Breeders, PJ Harvey, My Bloody Valentine (as NME called Annie "The father f*#king Kevin Shields")
- 3/18/05


Annie Hardy seems to have garnered a lot of praise thus far; blurbs in SPIN, gigs with the Fiery Furnaces, the Unicorns, and Scissor Sisters, and even sponsorship in the UK are amongst the positive responses to her two-piece band Giant Drag. It’s the mentality that goes along with the sound that can really make-or-break any project, and it looks (and sounds) like Annie Hardy’s got it together. Lemona showcases some interesting tracks from this duo, with guitarist/vocalist/pretty face Annie Hardy and rotating drummer/keyboardist Micah Calabrese cranking out gritty rock tunes with the confidence and knack of their predecessors.

“This Isn’t It” is the best track on this EP, with crunchy guitar, smooth synth, simple percussion, and Annie Hardy’s soft vocals - stylistically, think of a more dynamic, traditional rock take on My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. “Tired Yet,” “Cordial Invitation,” and “Jonah Ray is A-Okay (But That’s All Hearsay)” are standard fare, and the track “Yflmd,” sounds close to something PJ Harvey would write. Annie knows when to call it quits though, and in keeping this EP under 15 minutes, she maintains interest long enough to impress, yet quickly enough as if not to overstay her welcome.

With an official release scheduled for January and an upcoming full-length, Annie Hardy’s Giant Drag is a promising group to look out for.

"Giant Drag/NME"

Giant Drag is all about Annie Hardy - a woman who plays guitar like Kevin Shields *and* Kim Deal, writes dirty songs about imagined incest, dolls up in blancmange tutus and has a voice that purrs like a sultry, late summer fling. Last year she hooked up with friend Micah Calabrese (synths, drums) and together the LA duo are about to release Giant Drag's debut EP 'Lemona' on Witchita Records. We spent ages trying to decide whether our favourite song from it is the Mazzy Star husk of 'This Isn't It' or the PJ Harvey growl of 'Tired Yet'. But then we decided to go for 'YFLMD' because it's an acronym of 'You Fuck Like My Dad'. Come to daddy via the link to download at the base of this page.


"UK Review"

Everything Annie Hardy does is magnificent. Giant Drag are a duo that sounds like The Kills mixed by Kevin Shields, her laid back, almost horizontal delivery, compliments her style rather than ambushes it. Hugely intelligent lyrics and a guitar sound reminiscent of being hit over the head with pillows stuffed with jelly, it’s a groove heavy, juddering set she delivers. She performs quite the most beautiful rendition of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game you are ever likely to hear - her heartfelt, soft delivery at sharp odds with the spiky chords of the songs structure. Excellent. More please. -

"Another UK Review"

Californian songstress Annie Hardly is a native of the Orange County punk scene - not that you'd know it as this record sounds more like a laconic Breeders draping themselves over something distinctly warm and fuzzy. The only give away for locale is the knowing, American sing-song voice Hardly chants in, emoting over fuzzy guitars and strafes of synths. This is their debut EP, released in Europe following a sold out pressing in California. Over the five tracks, Annie and her band mate Micah Calabrese create a short but rewarding 14 minutes of blurry (but not Blur-ry) indie pop that's at the very least promising in the long term. Currently, the best of their armoury is the arch Belly croon of lead track 'This Isn't It' and the Fender Jagstang sigh of 'Cordial Invitation'. If Steve Lamacq had played this on the Evening Session a decade ago, you can be assured that Jo Wiley would have made approving comments as she sat next to him. -


"Lemona" EP
See for streams.
"This Isn't It" currently on college radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Giant Drag is Californian Annie Hardy ... "The fatherf**king female Kevin Sheilds"- NME

Annie Hardly lives in a closet "simply because it affords me the time and effort to do what I love. Music has always been the only thing I know I'll do for the rest of my life."

Growing up as part of Orange County's punk scene, Annie kicked around southern California playing in a number of local bands. She graced the keyboards for bands Shrinkwrap and Radio 4, but as she confesses "not the Radio 4 that people know about... we played around LA and OC for a few years, but things fell apart and another band snatched up the name." Annie tried her hand at working with other outfits with no serious results until she gave up and tried it solo. That too was fruitless.

It wasn't until Annie moved to LA 6 years ago and joined forces with friend Micah Calabrese. The duo had some fun banging out some cover songs.

Annie: "it all started with that sweet ass cover of "Who's Crying Now" by Journey"
Micah: "I remember it well"
Annie: "Then we did what no one should ever do and recorded "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys"
Micah: "Which almost killed me... you have to be drunk to think you can cover a song off pet sounds"

Some nine months later Giant Drag was born. Micah took to drums and synth with Annie on the mic and guitar. Annie secretly booked their first gig that same week at a club in Glendale and forced them to commit to perfecting the 7 tracks they had on hand. The show went off without a hitch and ever since the duo have played residencies at Fold (Oct '03) and Spaceland (June '04) including shows with Midnight Movies, Fiery Furnaces, Scissor Sisters, Dirty Little Secret and The Ponys, to name a few.

Giant Drag recorded their debut release at Record Plant studios in January for LA label Leftwing Recordings. The resultant 5 track EP 'Lemona' soft release out in July '04, which has sold out subsequent re-pressings due to high demand through independent shops in California. The recent signing to UK indie rock launch pad, Wichita Recordings, has thrust Giant Drag into the public eye and in January '05 the EP had an official US release.

Annie's laconically melodic voice and the distorted fuzz of guitars and synth is reminiscent at times of The Breeders or MBV. And what of her lyrics? well ....the lyrics speak for themselves, so listen closely.

"Like Mazzy Star stumbling home from a pub crawl"- SPIN

Giant Drag continues to play the live circuit, just finishing UK dates with Brendan Benson and US dates with Ladytron, Har Mar Superstar, The Unicorns and more.