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Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
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"GiantKilla My World"

Winning the Most Promising Artist at the 2012 Pacific Music Awards upsurged GiantKilla's drive to fulfill a long awaited project, the release of his self-titled debut album. - Fresh TV

"Catch Up with GiantKilla"

We caught up with GiantKilla and talked about making a move to the States, What's coming next, 'GK23' project, 'Hulk Smash' song including the music video + more. - Ayebro NZ

"GiantKilla - Family Violence is not ok!"

IAMTV talks to MC & Singer GiantKilla performed recently. - I AM TV

"Mixer Concert"

Mixer 3 concert - Telstraclear Pacific Event Centre, Auckland.
October 2012 - Fresh TV

"GiantKilla Wins Most Promising Artist at 2012 Pacific Music Award"

31st May, 2012
Pacific Music Awards - - Groovehousebaby



You Know I got you 

La la la la 

Ain't no doubt about it, my love for you is proud and

Hey, Uh oh ooh oh.

Listen . .



Take the time for a minute

show you how I'm feeling

Pause for a poem

I make it real appealing

I got alot of people

that could understand my view

on why I'm on this love tip

and girl I'm on a love trip

You got me thinking, not in a dirty sense

you ain't sleazy, and easy or on the fence

your defence, and everything about you I adore

alot has happened since you seen me on the 2nd floor.

Yeah, you working hard and it's a blessing to have you

care for me, when I know, you don't have to

but I'm a be the man who, stick to the plan to get that money right

and be your friend and your man, true?

Them other couples caught up, in drama's and nonesense

and now they feel stuck. I be the foundation that would hold you up

You and I can't deny, that we going to the top cause


No doubt about it

My love for you is proud and

Ima be the one for you

Got me singing like what? Uh oh ooh oh

Whenever my ladybug comes through

I can give the world to you baby

All the time for you lady

Ain't no games, this love thing is real

Got me singing like what? Uh oh ooh oh

Tell you this is just how i feel


I know it feels so right, cause it's backed by truth

We together, no lies could ever tear us apart, from the start

We straight clicked, you talked and I was listening.

Conversations grew til we knew, we weren't different.

No puppy loves, no movie drama queens

Yeah, friendship that turned out to be.

What it is, You and I handle the biz

It's not about my job, or my choice of career and

in it there no fear, cause I know you keep it real.

Clued up, young lady, kicking back and chill.

I will make sure that I provide for ya

a clean lifestyle, to walk by my side and uh

the race against time, the mountains we can climb

to tell the world I am yours, and you are mine

I back up what I speak, and what I talk ain't cheap

sown in my heart, so it's my love that you reap, what.


I know what I want,

and baby girl I know what you need

and thats for

Me and you (x2)

Chillax and unwind, baby be mine

If this is love, take a risk

you don't wanna look back, regret on what you missed

Me and you (x2)

Don't worry about it baby, cause this the real thing.

Chorus (x2)



"I knew I wanted to be an entertainer from as far as I can remember. I sang, rapped and danced for anyone, at anytime, anywhere."

As a fan of artists such as Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and Naughty By Nature it's no wonder GiantKilla otherwise known as 'GK' encompasses an incredible whitty, vocal swag and smooth dance style.

GiantKilla comes from a musical family. "It all comes from impersonating Michael Jackson and 13 year old hip hopper's Kris Kross" he cheerfully explains. "I did up little shows in my house for my family & friends. My mum's quite fashionable, so she would buy my outfits, covering me from head to toe."

Secondary school proved instructive in as much as it gave GiantKilla an outlet to "meet other performing arts type of kids" introducing him to drama, where he secured main character roles in annual school productions. At the same time he had a 2 year stint in a hip hop dance group "Phusion" (winners of NZ's Flare national dance competition in 2006) which broadened his dancing experience.

After being spotted at a local youth development program, 12 year old GiantKilla and other youth from that program formed a hip hop group "Crossbreed". The youngsters were given an opportunity to travel to US in 2007 performing at various places (schools, halls, centres) in Los Angeles. "Although that crew didn't go further, I was all the more determined to succeed, even if it meant going solo."

Since then GiantKilla hasn't skipped a beat. From winning the 2012 Most Promising Artist at the NZ Pacific Music Awards, releasing his debut self-titled album later that same year which reached #16 in the NZ album charts to performing in Australia, Western Samoa and Rarotonga.

GK made Los Angeles his temporary home in November 2014 so he could work on new music with producers from A$AP Rocky’s collective A$AP Mob & RCA Records.  After returning to New Zealand to continue finishing up his sophomore project in 2015.

GiantKilla was credited as a Producer & Actor in the New Zealand Musical “Groove City” - an independant movie that won the People’s Choice Award at the 2015 Pacific Film Festival, Sydney.  While the film had an 8 week cinema run in New Zealand and Australia cinemas, GK joined with artists Mikey Mayz, BKidd on a 6-city New Zealand music our.  This which included appearances on Tagata Pasifika. While releasing “The Way I’m Living” single online.

After the tour GiantKilla released singles and videos “Down Low” and "Hold U Up" which was distributed through Warner Music.  Then in July 2017 he released his sophomore album “GK23” which featured artists SCRIBE, Awa and Sky High (from The Immigrantz). At the end of that same year in December, GiantKilla joined his labelmates 3BChill, SIAVANI and released compilation mixtape “GK & The GrooveHouse”.  A year later GiantKilla appeared on several tracks on SIAVANI produced compilation album, "Weed & Cheesecake". 

The following year in June GiantKilla was invited to perform at the Official Oregon Hempfest and followed up with a 2-month tour of California, USA.

In March this year (2020) GK released lead single “Lying Is A Habit” feat. Lively from his soon-to-be-released EP.  The following month, GiantKilla began hosting an online music show.  Fifteen episodes later the online series “The Mixer” - an interactive music web series showcasing music in New Zealand is currently screening their second season.

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