Giant Lion

Giant Lion


Giant Lion will leave somber harmonies and melodies in your mind that take you to a place you fear and love. Upbeat tribal drums will let you move your body while the strings and vocals have the effects of an emotional and psychedelic whirl of knowing what is truly real. Rely on what you know.


"Giant Lion is an American gypsy-rock band with psychedelic folk qualities. They may be the first to have coined the phrase Hypno-Folk. Swaggering acoustic and electric guitar melodies mesh with profound vocal harmonies, luring viola turns and a rhythm section featuring an often-tribalistic percussion tandem. Catchy and thought evoking lyrics will stain your senses with new found enlightenment. Nearly a century ago, a mysterious light source was found at the bottom of the Creb Sea several hundred miles from the coast of New Hindaua. The light was unexplained, yet illuminated a cave that was home to a small colony of sea creatures not too unlike the present day jellyfish. The creatures were said to make beautiful music in the mysterious light of the sea. This mesmerizing music attracted creatures from all over the ocean. They traveled far and wide to be near the music and dance in the illuminated cave. The feeling the sea creatures felt is eerily similar to the sensation felt by people who attend a Giant Lion performance."

Giant Lion currently consists of Tony Gary (guitar, vocals), Melissa Bragg (viola, vocals), Will Fussell (guitar, vocals), Josh Gary (drums, vocals), Thomas Farthing (drums, vocals) and Matt Vassy (bass guitar). These members most commonly refer to each other as: Peaks, Smokey, Eagle, Little Horse Whisperer, The Big Green, and Daddy Long Leg (respectively).

Their new CD entitled Gypsy Love Hallucination will be available early March of 2010.


One Thousand Pulses in the Ground, Ten Thousand Tiny Heartbeats- 13 song LP

I'm Building a Tower- 4 song EP