Giant Machine

Giant Machine

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Giant Machine is a touch of rock, pop, and punk; built to pound simple but extremely catchy singles. We focus on our song writing but include a detailed,energetic, and memorable live performance.


If you’ve ever been passionate about something you know the feeling. It’s a fire that consumes you. You wake up in the morning and you eat and breathe whatever it may be. It’s worth losing everything you have, it’s worth dying for. This is the constant feeling the five members of Giant Machine deal with daily. Music has taken its place as a dire necessity in these young men’s lives, and they’re ready to plow through any resistance they meet along the way. Formed in early 2009 Giant Machine decided it was time to take a new approach on how to succeed in the music industry. It all began with the decision to hold off on playing shows right away and take the time do behind closed doors, what most bands do in front of an audience; develop.

With the pressure of fans requests of shows, dedications, and appearances non-existent, the boys got to work. It didn’t take long for an idea to spark that would soon emerge as the title track to Giant Machine’s debut album “Fly.” One song down, and a lot more to go, the pieces fell into place rather easily as the four founding members; Gary Davis (vocals), Jake Sullivan (Guitars) James Wilson (Guitars) and Joe Ulisano (Drums) we’re all previously in a band together before Giant Machine. The chemistry for a great thing was there, and it was happening. The guys recorded their debut album “Fly” and have not looked back since. With the addition of Daniel Hansen, an incredibly talented young musician on bass. Giant Machine are ready to travel the world and share their passion for music with others.


"Fly" 2010

Set List

All I need
Dirty Things
I'll Never Tell
Better Way
All Those Times
Storm Cloud
To You

We Offer 30, 45, and 60 minute sets.