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"Giant Radio: A Kansas City Reincarnation"

Giant Radio: A Kansas City Reincarnation
By reviewsic

Born from the scraps of previously disbanded projects, Giant Radio more recently formed from it’s previous state as a band started by Justin Olson to the one now emerging in the Kansas City, Missouri music scene. Olson and ex-Scouts (Check out our review of Scouts’ EP I’m Sick, I’m Well) frontman Chris Thomas began playing in an empty house in Lee’s Summit after their earlier bands split, exploring the idea of a new project until eventually finding the final two musicians to complete their quartet.

Thomas’ haunting and earnest vocals pair well with light, down-tempo percussion and shimmering guitars to create a sound that is simple enough to be soothing but still stealthily intricate. Newly formed and entirely ambitious, the band has spent the past two months writing nonstop, save for taking a break to play a few dates with The Rocket Boys.

In the coming weeks Giant Radio will be playing a few Missouri dates alongside New York band Robbers (Read our interview with the band here) From there they boys have big plans for a self-made album to be done in the newly built studio located in Thomas’ Kansas City basement, which as of yet has no formal name. With hopes to put out not only their own music, but record a few fellow bands, Giant Radio have offered free recording hours for sizable donations to their creative cause., and naturally welcome any good nature fans can offer.

Though new on the scene in their current incarnation, these KC musicians are anything but wet behind the ears, already showing great potential in the recordings the band has posted online. We look forward to seeing what this new project will bring for the four, and hope to see Giant Radio’s debut release sooner rather than later.

Giant Radio Online:

Giant Radio singer/guitarist Chris Thomas talked with us recently about the bands musical influence, his first show, and the sound the melody makers are going for.

Telegram Sam: What are your top three venues to see a show at/play?

Chris Thomas: Mojo’s (Columbia, MO), The Prophet Bar (Dallas), The Record Bar (KC)

T.S: If you could book a tour with any 3 bands, past or present, who would they be and why?

Chris Thomas: O’ Brother, All Get Out, We Are Voices; I toured with them in Scouts, and let me tell you, there aren’t too many bands around that can out play them live. They inspired me to be so much better on a nightly basis when playing with them.

T.S: Give us some background on the current music you’re working on.

Chris Thomas: I think most of us came from bands that were a little most fast paced. GR is more down tempo dream pop, but does have moments in the sun. We are trying to allow for a little more dynamic in the vocal department with the newer stuff, and by doing so I think we have learned to play as a unit instead of four musicians.

T.S: What are your top three musical influences as a band? Individually?

Chris Thomas: As a band? I think we’d all agree on: Reverb, Guitars with Tremolo, and Paranormal stuff like Ghosts & The Mothman Prophecies (Not the movie). Individually, I’d say The Beach Boys, America, and CCR

T.S: Is there any instrument you don’t play, but wish you did?

Chris Thomas: Trumpet.

T.S: What other projects have you been a part of as individuals?

Chris Thomas: Mainly Scouts and Salvy. Justin was the original Bassist for Scouts. Matt played in a punk band called Fed Up back in the day. He and Nigel both also played in a band call A Delicate Disaster

T.S: Before you decided on Giant Radio, what other names did you come up with? Did you ever play under any of these other titles?

Chris Thomas: I thought about The Living Ghosts. I currently do documentary, soundtrack, and score writing under Great White Sand Beaches though. Both were considered, but Justin had suggested Giant Radio and it was just too good to pass on.

T.S: Who was the first band/musician you saw live?

Chris Thomas: I’m told it was America. Cognitively, Olivia Newton John…
- Sam Gordon - Reviewsic


February 18, 2010, 0 comments
Written by The 405

It took me all of 30 seconds to realise that Giant Radio were awesome. Ambient pop, fronted by fragile vocals and a great songwriting ability will always win out.

MP3: Giant Radio - Kindling

Writing a piece like this about a band you've only heard two songs by could be perceived as being a bit naive but that just shows how strong those two songs are. 'Kindling' is this floating pop song, drenched in effects, whilst 'Sky Sky' is a tender - almost folky - song. Both very different yet great.

There's a vulnerability to both songs, which is probably the unifying theme here. It's their main draw if you ask me. Lead vocalist Chris Thomas is a gem. His voice goes up there as being one of the best I've heard in a while. It hits me in the same way Andy Hull's voice hit me when I first heard him sing solo.

What a great band.

You can visit the band by clicking here! - The 405 (UK)


Kindling EP (Jan. 2010)
I'd Rather Be In Hawaii. Oh And, I Hate You (August 2010)



Giant Radio is a Ambient Surf/Pop band from Kansas City, Missouri. The quartet prides itself on vocally heavy live shows and it's ability to reproduce and exceed the quality of recordings in a live setting. A haunting vocalist accompanied by a ghostly chorus of oohs & aahs lay atop an architecture of shoegaze and twangy chords.

Formed in October 2009, the group has made it's way through 4 multi-week tours and been showered with praise from all different parts of the country (and UK).