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Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


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"Review of Giant Rockit's album, Space Flight: Greatest Hits Volume 1"

C.W. Ross
Senior Writer
The CD Reviewer
Indie Music Stop


Artist: Giant Rockit
Title: Space Flight: Greatest Hits Volume 1
Style: Rock
Rating: 8 out of 10
By Senior Writer C.W. Ross

Space Flight: Greatest Hits Volume 1 is the debut release for this Chicago, Illinois based band. Giant Rockit is, Jemell Moore (lead vocals), Courtney Haliburton (drums), Mike Winchell (lead guitar), and Eric Yoder (bass, backing vocals).

The band's bio. says that they want to take over the hard rock genre. For some reason I didn't really get the hard rock label that they put on their music. While there are some hard edged rock songs ("American Dollars", "Soldier's Lament") found on this release I see their sound more as soulful rock, with a side order of funk.

While listening to their music I could hear everything from pop and rock, to funk, island music and rap in the 12 songs that make up this release. At different points on the album artist/bands like, Lenny Kravitz, Green Day, Rick Springfield, Living Colour, and The Marshall Tucker Band came to mind.

In the songs the band offers up some nice spicy guitar solos, killer bass lines, and a drum beat that's always there, along with vocals that keep total control over the songs making sure they're headed in the right direction.

Without a doubt my favorite track from this release was the last one, "Soldier's Lament." The song is the hardest rocking track found on this release complete with a killer guitar solo and thought provoking lyrics.

Although Giant Rockit bills themselves as a hard rock band I think that in the long run they would be much better off showcasing the fact of their multi-styled version of rock music.
- The CD Reviewer


Space Flight: Greatest Hits Volume 1.

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Unbeknowst to mankind four musicians have been scheming to take over the Hard Rock genre. It looks like they did it with the debut release from their band Giant Rockit.

Here's how:

Rumor has it that the singer Jemell Moore had just gotten done throwing up all over his stereo because of his disgust at the litany of crappy songs he had just heard. Apparently it was the last straw, and he just couldn't stomach anymore. In his dispair he mustered what strength had left and lifted his golden microphone over his head. But just before he could turn his stereo into dust, Eric Yoder breaks down the door and screams " DUDE! DON'T DO IT! I'VE GOT A PLAN!"

With this Jemell drops his microphone in surprise and with tears in his eyes asks "what could possibly keep me from destroying this shit spewing device of mine?"

Yoder looks at him with a sly grin and screams "THIS!" as he hands him a CD.

Well Jemell with shaking hands slips the disc into the player. As he stands there with bullets of sweat on his forehead, the disc starts to play. When Jemell heard the first few beats of the funky freight train known as Courtney Halliburton he knew there was hope for music and man.

Now as the story is told Jemell smiled so widely that his head cracked off from his neck and had to be surgically reattached.

After a couple of weeks of recovery Jemell awoke to find Eric Yoder, Mike Winchell and Courtney Halliburton by his side. The first thing he said to them was "what happened?" They said.........."Giant Rockit saved the day". TRUE STORY.