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Giant Squid


Massively heavy, yet delicately beautiful, Giant Squid makes brutally honest and sincere music that no one genre will be able to claim it for its own. A formidable beast like its name sake, Giant Squid wields immaculate tone, inspirational songwriting, and organic, yet fierce walls of melody.


The self released debut from Giant Squid, Metridium Field, produced by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, High On Fire, Mr. Bungle, Melvins) in 2004, garnered the attention of highly eclectic progressive metal label, The End Records, and the band quickly inked a deal in 2005. Because Metridium Field is what hooked The End in the first place, the band felt like it was fit for their debut on the label. But, Giant Squid had gone through several members coming and going since that records completion, and had started to explore different creative spaces in their song writing. So, the band returned to the studio and completely re-recorded the album, taking full advantage of this second chance to re-interpret certain moments in this classic material, and make it sound and feel like they always knew it should.

The end result, now entitled Metridium Fields, showcases Aurielle Gregorys as a full time guitar player, as well as revisiting and improving upon her hauntingly beautiful vocals and all of her original lush keyboard parts that she played on the first record. Aaron Gregory returns stronger than ever to his duties as angst ridden, main vocalist and down-tuned riff wielder, and original bassist, Bryan Beeson, stands his ground as always the unyielding institution of low end. A new flow of groove and rhythm played by the bands drummer at the time, Mike Conroy, reveals some of the biggest differences in feel in this new incarnation from its predecessor, in addition to the masterfully played trumpet work of Tim Conroy, tastefully inducing a vibe not commonly found in such heavy handed music.

Metridium Fields also saw the return of the legendary Billy Anderson, who engineered the record in Sacramento with the assistance of Robert Cheek (Deftones, RX Bandits, An Angle). Then half way through the recording process, Giant Squid moved to Austin, TX. There they finished tracking vocals with vocal guru and higly regarded and eccentric producer, Jason Rufuss Sewell (The Proles, Spider Silk Dress) at Nebulost Productions, who also produced and mixed the album, awakening a beast of a record that the band couldn't have imagined was still slumbering under their old songs.

Aurielle Gregory parted ways with the band at the end of 2006, shortly after Metridium Fields was released, and has been replaced by Jackie Perez Gratz. Jackie is the highly renown cello player of Amber Asylum (Relapse Records) fame, who also has contributed to the records and live performances of such infamous bands as Neurosis, Today is the Day, Ludicra, Steve Von Till, and Asunder, and has made a large impression on the San Francisco music scene with her own incredibly unique metal band, Grayceon. Jackie’s masterful cello playing is as heavy handed as it is delicately dynamic, and brings a whole new sadness and beauty to Giant Squid’s already forlorn tales of lost love, lost friends, and immense loneliness. While the band believes its best interests obviously lie in preserving the familiar feel of their classic material off of Metridium Fields, Giant Squid is ecstatic about the distinctive beauty that Gratz is bringing to their songs. Having been massive fans for years of Gratz’s work in Amber Asylum, and now in Grayceon and Asunder, the band is thrilled to be playing along side her.

Metridium Fields dropped in stores, August of 2006, in a gorgeous digi-pak, and to rave reviews, which in their own descriptive acclaim will describe the music of Giant Squid better than the band feels it can do itself.

Acclaim for Metridium Fields, The End Records 2006:

"Finally, a post-everything band that actually meets and sometimes surpasses their insta-cool laundry list of influences." - Decibel Magazine

"The amalgamation of musical genres that Giant Squid presents before us, are tightly orchestrated and interwoven together in such a way that it will take several listens to fully understand how complex the music really is." - Zero Magazine

"Very few songs have ever fixated on the torture in my own heart with their frequencies." -

"EPIC It's the only word that can aptly describe the tremendous riffs and thunderous symphony that blends effortlessly with ethereal soundscapes to form the album, "Metridium Fields" -

"Metridium Fields is breath of fresh air... another in a long-line of The End Records releases that kicks convention to the curb and over time reveals its hidden treasures to those patient enough to stick with it." -

"...grab a well-worn copy of Moby Dick, and lose yourself in Metridium Fields. It is simply fantastic by all definitions of the word." -

"Let me introduce to you what may get my vote for best album of 2006. Metridium Fields is simply unbelievable." -

"After the first spin of Metridium Fields, its become increasingly clear that Giant Squid are the new champions of ambient doom." -

"I really find it hard to believ


Dead Man's Fog

Written By: Giant Squid

our bow cannot be seen / from where we stand on the stern
fog has taken everything / the men’s faces show their concern / the cold is worse than we feared / I
despair this the end of my years / pre chorus -the more it stings the more I try / keep
waking up each time I die a little death I cry / a thousand leagues a million miles / the secrets
buried in the vault beneath the oceans wide / chorus - this beacon’s light has burned for as
long as I’ve known / though tonight the horn must bring us in / for the tower ceases to glow
dare we raise our anchor / let the tide have its way / when waves crash on shores unseen
jagged reefs calling our names / prechorus / chorus


Metridium Field
Tyrannosaurus Records 2003
Produced By Billy Anderson

Monster In The Creek - Ep
Tyrannosaurus Records 2005
Produced By Eric Broyhill

Alternate Endings - 2006 Sampler
The End Records

Metridium Fields
Engineered By Billy Anderson
Produced by Jason Rufuss Sewell
The End Records - 2006

Sutter's Fort 7" split w/ Grayceon
Engineered by Jason Rufuss Sewell
The End Records - 2007

Set List

Giant Squid's typical set is only five to seven songs long, due to the length of each individual song, and can range from forty-five minutes to an hour. A longer set can be arranged when needed.