Giant Wow

Giant Wow

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Giant Wow's music gets to the point. The band performs a distinctive strain of melodic power pop that turns on a dime. Their radio-friendly songs are anthems for the mistreated - in a carefully-crafted power-dotted-with-moments-of-serenity wrapper, delivering payoff after sugary sweet payoff.


Giant Wow crafts hook-laden, melodic music that turns on a dime. Their radio-friendly sound wastes no time getting to the point and delivers payoff after sugary sweet payoff.

Reviews pegged the band as distinctive and catchy, "Giant Wow is definitely some unique strain of power pop, but beyond that, descriptions and comparisons lack."

In late 2009, Giant Wow released the EP, HEY GIRL. The quartet worked with acclaimed engineer Erwin Musper (David Bowie, Van Halen, Chicago, etc) on the recording.

Notable performances: CMJ Rock Hall Music Festival (Cleveland, OH), Fox 8 TV Morning Show (Cleveland, OH), and Jammin' On Festival (Cincinnati, OH), and 2010 Taste of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH).

Accolades: HEY GIRL was listed as one of the top 2009 local recordings by Citybeat.



Written By: J. M. Gilsinger

As a boy I loved the snow, wasn't bothered by the cold
I couldn't wait to be a man
and now I'm huddled in my home spraying insulating foam
just tryin' to catch a nap again

I'm living one night to the next
and this insomnia is a mess
be they escape or be they real
when I'm down in my dreams I can feel
the fear I keep inside
and it will be alright
I need to lay me down
and now I lay me down

Now all that stuff I sold online
all that history of mine
I won't need it in my sleep
In my dreams (I must confess to the benefits of rest)
There is no worry that I keep

Licorice Heart

Written By: J. M. Gilsinger


I knew your greed would get you in the end
the way you slave upon a social trend
you live your whole life looking to depend
on someone
on someone
The bed you made was just for sexual trade
alcohol is there to numb the pain
but nothing heals, these problems will remain

The way that you lie, predictable
and the matter of truth, uncritical
you will never survive this spectacle

Girl your licorice heart was half as sweet as it was dark

You come around to offer your white flag
you've given in, your conscience was a drag
and all this heartbreak doesn't seem to nag
your cold heart
your cold heart

Girl your licorice heart


Written By: J.M. Gilsinger

Such a pretty girl
It’s a pity what I hear about you
That you couldn’t care
All you need is time to do your hair
Nobody there, nothing but air, just a blank stare

Cosmonaut, I heard you were a cosmonaut
And though I hear you talk a lot,
I still think you’re a cosmonaut, I know you are

Since you got through school
You’ve had time to keep your image cool
You may think it’s wise
You may think that I am a just a fool
All that shampoo
Not one damn clue

You throw a fit when contradicted
Spend in a pattern long-predicted
The latest style
The petty guile
I see you smile
But all the while I'm thinkin’


- Kitten/Enough (single)
- Insomnia/Bubblegum (single)
- The End of Something/Nice to Meet You (single)

Available via iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Set List

1. Wicked Girl
2. Like You Were Never There
3. Insomnia
4. Pals
5. I Couldn’t Be
6. Pretty Grey
7. Insomnia
8. Cosmonaut
9. Forget
10. Licorice Heart
11. Nice to Meet You
12. Destroy
13. Be Quick About It
14. End to You
15. Not Like This
16. Discord
17. Ha Jolly Ha
18. Enough
19. This Song

Giant Wow plays all original material. We can play from 30 to 90 minutes.