Gibbons and the Sluts

Gibbons and the Sluts


Gibbons and the Sluts make new fans at every show. People buy CDs at full price, even though they are offered on a sliding scale. They are a young band, but their music is timeless, with truthful melodies and playful lyrics. They are the best thing to come out of Bakersfield since Korn.


In early 2011, Money Jeremiah Gibbons was in charge of methamphetamine distribution in Bakersfield, Ca. One brisk January morning his business partner and childhood friend, "Bones", was killed in a lab explosion. Gibbons was the first to arrive at the scene, and, upon discovering his fallen comrade he immediately renounced his life of crime. After burying the body, Gibbons headed south with his banjo and his singing-saw, Chester. On his way out of town he stopped to collect a debt at the Crystal Palace, (a brothel owned and operated by his employer, Mr. Higgins). Waiting over a Mexican Coke, M.J. Gibbons was quickly joined by four of the Palace's finest sluts. He tried to act natural. Overwhelmed with grief for his lost friend, however, he broke into solemn tears and confessed that he was leaving town for good. Upon hearing the confession of such a powerful man, Gibbons' hired flesh – Vita, Julie, Mateo, and Stanislaus – revealed that they too wished to be free from the clutches of Mr. Higgins and their lives at the Crystal Palace. Gibbons decided that together they would form a band. That way they could stay on the move, watch each other's backs, and make an honest living all the same. After a wildly successful premier in Slab City, California, Gibbons and the Sluts have continued to sell neither drugs nor their bodies, and have gained devoted fans wherever their music has been heard.



Written By: Gibbons

I have seen the light, and it is much less bright… You lied to me
What an ugly sight, distorted by some knife… You disgust me
And you were the one who took out my brain and watched it fly fly fly away
And I burnt down my house and I rode the smoke to the clouds
Oh I burnt down my house and I rode the smoke to the clouds.
Oh isn’t this the way it should be? Carefree
Your mind has been taken, to a drawer and held hostage
You can’t think or we will blow it up
And your eyes see what they see, which isn’t really anything
It’s just people, or a TV screen
And you bite the hand that feeds with all your razor sharp teeth
Now it’s on the floor
You were the one who took out my eyes and watched them fly to the sky
And I burnt down my house and I rode the smoke to the clouds
Oh I burnt down my house and I rode the smoke to the clouds
Oh isn’t this the way it should be? Carefree

Mutiny Against King Jupiter

Written By: Gibbons

I wanna roll in the hay, and smile til my smiles chase bad feeling away
I thought that you were the king, but Jupiter has formed a sort of muntiny
Who will guide all the ships? Left to be blown aimlessly by the misleading
I have a spiraling mind, it made sense I could see once but now I’ve turned blind
You were King Jupiter


Mama's Milk (2012)