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The best kept secret in music


"Walking their own path"

May 5, 2005

Note: The following is an excerpt of an article written on 3 Latin musicians from San Angelo, Texas.

Gloria Ibeth, aka Gibeth, 20

Gloria Ibeth has all the moves of her idol, Tejano superstar Selena.

None of them seemed to work Saturday, though, at the Hispanorama Music Festival. She swirled, dancing onstage as she sang cumbias ''para los ninos'' and invited any gentlemen who wanted to dance to join her onstage.

None of the men who whistled at her as she stepped onto the stage earlier dared to join her, though, and the rest of the crowded tended to their soft drinks, smiling but not really participating.

One hundred-fifty miles south in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, music fans can't get enough of the singer's soulful Spanish set.

So after a week evenly divided by school and work, she makes the trek south across the border.

Back in Texas, she sings to background music or, if she's lucky, a band of friends, relatives or whoever else she can get to play.

In Acuna, she has a band waiting, Grupo Passion - a group of local musicians who asked her to join after hearing her sing. They don't have U.S. work permits, though, so Gibeth cannot perform with them in Texas.

Gibeth's father, a few friends and manager/partner/fellow singer Sean Rasul waited for her off-stage at Hispanorama Music Fest.

''They love me in Acuna,'' she said. ''They accept me here.''

It doesn't get her down.

She's young, and she's patient.

By John Boyd ~

- San Angelo Standard Times


La Cumbia Del Gansito - Debut Album Coming Soon!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Gibeth is a native of San Angelo, Texas. As a songwriter and artist, Gibeth has a passion for music that began at a young age, when her parents videotaped her singing for the first time. Her first presentation before a live audience would come at the age of fifteen during her birthday celebration. The audience was captured by her beautiful voice and stage presence. At that moment, Gibeth knew that she was destined to sing and perform. She began to write her own songs and landed her first major performance in May of 2001 at Pike's Park in Dallas, Texas. She would later go on to perform in Los Angeles and throughout West Texas. Gibeth spends most of her time these days performing in Mexico, where she has gained a loyal following.

Gibeth's songs are lively and real, ranging from fun and exciting cumbias, to thoughtful and romantic ballads. A role model and hero to the Hispanic youth in her community, as well as the areas where she performs, Gibeth enjoys songs that make children and their families happy. Her shows are events that everyone can enjoy. Gibeth is a positive example for the youth and always reminds them to "never give up on their dreams."

Gibeth is currently signed with Country Cool Records. Her debut CD, LA CUMBIA DEL GANSITO, is expected to be released early next year. She is featured on the song, SENORITA/SENOR from urban artist Sean Rasul's album, THE SHOWCASE. Her amazing voice and beauty, combined with a love for the crowd, often draws comparison to the legendary Selena, who is Gibeth's major inspiration. Gibeth appreciates the comparison, but is determined to make a name for herself and be seen for the true light that she displays...a light that is already shining brightly.