Gibson Cage

Gibson Cage


Timeless hard-hitting rock with a contemporary cutting edge: Classic rock, Blues, and Gen X in a blender. It can be rough or it can be tender. Tidalwaves of rhythm, towing you under. Smooth as rain, sharp as thunder. The mean-street rawness hitting the stage, that's the sound of Gibson Cage!


Gibson Cage has recorded with some of the biggest names in Rock and Roll on his debut CD Diamond Company. With names such as Jeff "Skunk" Baxter behind him, he has put out a compilation of music that is a hot launching pad for a devout and growing fan base.

One might be hard pressed to define the music of Gibson Cage-a fusion of southern rock, jazz, blues, blue grass, grunge, gospel, and country.

The range of his vocals can go from as smooth as butterscotch to as raw as Janis Joplins heart and soulfull-to-many-cigarettes-followed-by-a-whiskey-chaser sound-all culminating in a voice as earthy and lusty as it is rich and pure. It is Cage being so indefinable that defines him and his music-a new hard and edgy genre, so to speak, and now, Cage will bring his powerhouse music and unique voice to the world.


Preaching Gun

Written By: gibson cage

I got one hand on the bibel one hand on the gun this ones for preaching this one gets it done saint or a siner comming cross my trail some I send to heaven so i send to hell. you never know the hour im comming to your town the bullet that hits you it never makes a sound. riding with the reaper to the setting sun six ways to salvation IM THE PREACHER WITH A GUN

Diamond Company

Written By: Gibson Cage

You think your nothing but a shout in the dark times like this is going to tear you a part once on the road twice on the pill baby I know how you got preagnet still with the day of the diamond baby the day of the diamond lady sparkels in your eyes the day of the diamond just right

She told your ass you would break untill the dawn she said my god what you ben doing wrong i said im a bad bad boy cajion king looking like a mother fucking killing michaine I the diamond yea im the diamond man and i dont think you can mess with the diamond man

well your igneous rock was torn apart by all the bullshit they let you go without son your heart exactly like so go see your boy with the contract rock star never look back never never look backyea

if your feeling bad and you want to get back and your thinking about the bottom two sacks well dont think about it long just come on boy check out the sack baby im your a rock and you will never have to look at that

Majic Seed

Written By: Gibson Cage

open your eyes look around its a beautifull world its a beautifull sound
I can see it in a flower or a rose the way your mother looks at you and says she loves you she loves you oh god she loves you
He did not put us here to be afraid he did not put us here to be ashamed he put us here to creat and to be beautifull like we should be oh my god its beautifull if you through off the vail and you will see all its the last nintivity caughs the majics in me ah its in you to
its the last of your creation what you must be bring your self higher son oh its your last chance to learn this lesson dont let egnorance keep us guessing
If you take your thoughts put them out there for the world positive reaction makeing lovely to the girl your what you think say what you mean beautifull baby beautifull to me

Cotton Field

Written By: Gibson Cage

I was born in a cotton field daddy stayed drunk momma took a pill
momma said boy your fate is seald breaking your back in the cotton field
Well I smoke to much and I work to hard cant keep my feet in the the yard well i reached out for the hand of god said lord why you working me like a dog
well Im a rolling thunder baby and i aint never comming back again
so I went to devil I went straight down shook hands with the man under ground said devil you've had your way now its my turn my turn to play thank the lord he saved my soul I did my time I paid my toll
well I turned my back and I left that day now the land of cotton is so far away
Im a rollling thunder Baby and Im never going back again oh the faces of man i've seen stairing at me in my dreams hollowed eyes like the land they till sweat and blood for the cotton field hard times best forgotten anythings better then picking cotton
I rolling thunder comming on like a hurricane

Sweet Helene

Written By: Gibson Cage

What did I do to deserve you how did I get so lucky to have you by my side they say it takes a woman to make a man whole inside this I can't hide
and I said ho my sweet Helene prettyist rainbow iv ever seen
and I said ho my sweet Helene
prettyist angel iv ever seen
I searched my whole life over to find a face to match this hole in side the one I can't hide now that iv found you girl going to keep you next to me yea for all aturnity till the day I die
and I said ho my sweet Helene prettyist day dream iv ever dreamed
I said ho ho my sweet Helene pretyist flower iv ever seen
I love you littel girl I love you for my life going to make you my wife and that's no lie I'm going kreep you girl next to me for all aturnity till the day I die
and I said ho oh my sweet Helene prettyist sun shine iv ever seen I said ho ho my sweet helene prettyist rainbow iv ever seen


Masterfully-created first release Diamond Company CD done with some of the greatest names in Rock history such as Jeff "Skunk" Baxter. Hear debut CD tracks, Cotton Field, Preaching Gun, and Sweet Helene on; WORZ 104.3FM, a south Florida radio station, Ocean Reef, FL. Additional tracks on;

Set List

Two-hour full concert show. All original compositions written by Gibson Cage. Presenting a unique hard-hitting rock band with a sound all his own reaching out and crossing many genres. Road to Memphis, Cotton Field, Killing the Middle, Magic Seed, Sweet Helene, Preaching Gun, Wings of Love, Dirty Cage, Diamond Company, Backdoor Man, and Sun Meets the Sea, Facetious, White Lightning, LA Lights, I AM THE ONE, Smoking Bones are only a few of Gibson's many compositions.