Gico Fratta

Gico Fratta

 Rome, Latium, ITA

Hi I am an italian composer. I like Ambient, New Age and World music. I have been composing music since i was thirteen years old. My purpose is to let people know my music around the world


Talented electronic music composer, player of many instruments, first student at the Rome conservatory and then at the Milan conservatory, graduate at Frosinone conservatory.
Estimated pianist, Gico collaborated with many international jazz artists like Karen A Jones, Tony Scott, Joy Garrison, Marco "Fats" Aglioti, Sandro Tabellione.
Star of the famous italian rock band ACTING OUT where he was keyboard player and background vocalist during the best band life seven years.
Pluriannual collaboration with M° Walter Maioli, Synaulia leader and mondial exponent of ancient Rome music, philological music and experimental acustic archeology.
Lead trumpet at Simba Atlantians tribal jazz international orchestra and the Neumatics orchestra.

Set List

I play lead trumpet with a lot of percussionists, in a tribal orchestra: the "Simba Atlantians tribal jazz orchestra". Our sound starts in a way and ends in an other one.
We play normally for an hour and half in clubs or pubs.