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The best kept secret in music


"A dreamy cinematic tour-de-force!"

"Taking a modern artist's approach to the four-stringed instrument, Gideon Freudmann has brought the cello to a new realm. His latest album is a dreamy, cinematic tour-de-force!" - - Boston Globe

"A sort of cross between Kronos Quartet and Leo Kottke"

"Freudmann sounds like nothing less than a cutting-edge, avant-garde musician, whose genre-bending exploits combine aspects of performance art, new-classical, psychedelia and comedy, a sort of cross between Kronos Quartet and Leo Kottke." - - Berkshire Eagle

"Evocative. Stirring. And simply put, a must-get"

"His songs should find favor with fans of new age, jazz, classical and blues riffs. He is amazingly adept at creating sonic moods in the ethereal school. Evocative. Stirring. And simply put, a must-get for those who treasure the pleasure of certified tonal skill." - - Soundations Music Reviews

"A peerless and unforgettable collection of gems"

"Gideon Freudmann is a talented, experimental cellist that got the ear of producers from NPR's All Thing's Considered. There is sense of humor, a spirit of eclectic adventure and mastery of classic and jazz forms in these pieces. This fusion of talent and experiment makes for a peerless and unforgettable collection of gems." - - Perfect Sound Forever

"Sharp, witty, prolific, talented"

"Gideon is sharp, witty, prolific, talented...a cross between Woody Allen, Frank Zappa, and a touch of Peter Schikele" - - Maine Public Radio

"Truly a musical innovator, Freudmann is a musician with a tremendously creative, genre-bending outlook toward his compositions"

"Truly a musical innovator, cellist Gideon Freudmann is a musician with a tremendously creative, genre-bending outlook toward his compositions, which he calls "CelloBop." Part classical, part Beatle-esque pop, part pickin' and grinnin'." - - The Valley Advocate

"The melodies were memorable, totally infectious, swirling with a psychedelic vertigo"

"17 tracks of twisted, madcap songs, slightly along the lines of Syd Barrett or Robyn Hitchcock, if they had ever tripped out on cello, with a little Dan Hicks humor for sanity. The melodies were memorable, totally infectious, swirling with a psychedelic vertigo and an occasional Beatlesque moment." - - Dirty Linen

"A Masterpiece"

"From first note to (deep breath) last, this CD is a treasure. Chock full of beautiful, infectious melodies and jaw-dropping musicianship, it never grows tiresome. If I had to choose just one CD to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be this one." - - Margaret Nelson

"Dissolves boundaries and infuses the music with a dream-like sense of possibility"

His originals are great examples of a growing trend towards combining classical, jazz, folk and rock influences. It dissolves boundaries and infuses the music with a dream-like sense of possibility; the music might roam anywhere at any time. He has the hard-to-come-by, wide-ranging mastery necessary to pull off such a feat." - - The Valley Advocate

"Perfect soundtrack for an October afternoon, sipping herb tea in your fez"

"No instrument is as mellow as the cello, and cellist/composer Gideon Freudmann's Ukrainian Pajama Party would be the perfect soundtrack for an October afternoon, sipping herb tea in your fez and velvet smoking jacket and poring over R. Crumb comics." - - PopMatters Music


Visit Gideon's website: to listen to MP3 downloads.

Gideon's newest CD is a live soundtrack for the classic 1919 German Expressionist silent film. Incorporating classical, jazz, folk, and world music, this CD features an amazing range of styles and moods, with electric cello, percussion and accordion.

GHOST IN THE ATTIC (Octagon '05, CD)
Gideon and guitarist Mark Herschler combine flamenco, blues and inspired improvisations with classical chestnuts by Tarrega and Bach. "In one era and out the other".

Mostly instrumental CD, with cello, guitar, steel drums, mandolin and fiddle. A sparkling batch of varied tunes including Japanese Car (heard on "Car Talk")

HOLOGRAM CRACKERS (Gadfly Records '99, CD)
Instrumental album for solo cello. Funky, lush, bluesy, boppin', multi-layered electric cello extravaganza. Includes Robin Hood Changes His Oil. (An NPR fave)

CELLOTALES (Octogon '04, CD)
This Parents Choice Gold award-winning Children's album teams up Gideon with storyteller Leeny Del Seamonds. He provides a sonic backdrop as she tells tales of magic cranes, accepting spooky dares, and the perils of getting what you wish for.

ADOBE DOG HOUSE (Gadfly Records '97, CD)
Freudmann's blend of superior musicianship and skillful arranging stirs the listener. These songs and instrumental compositions traverse the multi-colored tapestry of human emotion with insight, humor and vulnerability. With cello, guitar, mandolin, piano and percussion, includes Tuscany and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Gideon is joined by Mark Herschler on classical acoustic guitar for 16 masterful instrumentals composed by themselves and by J.S. Bach.

BANKING LEFT (Gadfly Records '95, CD)
Freudmann's toe-tapping tribute to blues, folk, and rock n roll cuts loose with zany comic lyrics and a distinctly light-hearted sound. His pop sensibilities collide with classicism in a groove that's uniquely CelloBop. Psychedelic, Beatlesque, classical-avante-blues.

SOUND OF DISTANT DEER (Gadfly Records '98, CD)
An extraordinary blend of divergant styles - ancient zen tunes, modern classical pieces and bluesy, funky tunes - all duets for cello and shakuhachi (japanese flute, played by Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin).

CELLOBOTOMY (Gadfly Records '95, CD)
Featuring cello-laden, vivid instrumental excursions into steel drum, guitar, and percussion. The soundtrack to your surreal dream.

Holiday Clocks - MORE BATTERIES (Octogon '01, CD)
A 2-CD set from Gideon's former duo "Holiday Clocks", with Peter Cummings on guitar. Includes their self-titled debut album (long out of print) plus a collection of 27 never released tunes. Bizarre, charming and occasionally just plain weird.

Fusing the grace of cello with the spirit of a back-up band, Freudmann skillfully integrates full-bodied jam sessions with playful lead vocals. This winning ensemble is a high-energy blend of comedy, percussion, and good clean fun.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Visit the CELLOBOP website....

Gideon Freudmann, a cello innovator, has created his own style of music called CelloBop - a fusion of blues, jazz, folk and much more. Not only has Gideon performed at The Montreal International Jazz Festival, The Prague Swing Jazz Festival and throughout the US, but his music is also frequently heard on NPR's All Things Considered. His creative workshops at schools, colleges and music camps, as well as his tunebook, New Music For Cello has inspired cello and violin students and teachers from coast to coast to perform his music by their own cello choirs and string ensembles. Gideon's original composed music has been commissioned for film, theatre and dance. His recent project has been performing live soundtracks for classic silent films. Gideon has 12 original CDs to his credit and has performed on dozens of albums by other musicians.

A classical musician by training, Freudmann earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Cello Performance from the University of Connecticut. Since that time, Freudmann has distinguished himself as one of New England's finest solo cross-genre cellists, performing in literally hundreds of venues throughout the United States, including a featured performance at the New Directions Cello Festival in New York. His solo CDs featuring exclusively original songs and lyrics have received international distribution, extensive national and international airplay and glowing critical reviews.

Freudmann has held several artistic residencies including the University of Connecticut, James Madison University, Ithaca Violoncello Institute and others, and has performed in dozens of colleges and universities in the country. Freudmann has been featured as a guest musician on an eclectic array of folk and rock CDs, and his innovative sounds have been commissioned for video, film and dance soundtracks. Among his non-classical influences, Freudmann cites the Kronos Quartet, Turtle Island String Quartet, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, guitarist Leo Kottke, and the many jazz and blues greats of this century.

— Recorded and produced 12 CDs of original CelloBop music
— Interviewed on NPR's Weekend Edition
— Music used on All Things Considered, Car Talk, This American Life, Dr Dimento, Good Morning America
— Featured at Montreal International Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival of Prague, and New Directions Cello Festival
— Composed Live Soundtrack for Silent Films (latest CD is soundtrack to The Cabinet of Dr Caligari).
— Opened for Richard Thompson, Rhode Island Philharmonic, They Might Be Giants, Loudon Wainwright, Jonathan Richman, Dan Zanes, Dan Hicks, Phish...
— Performed throughout US, Canada and in Czech Republic
— Wrote Tunebook for Cello and composed several String Ensembles
— Held artist-in-residencies at universities in MA, CT, WA, VA, GA, KS, NY, TX