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The best kept secret in music


"“View Of A Loser From On Top Of The World” - GIF - Hunter Walker"

After listening to his debut album ‘View of A Loser From On Top Of The World’ it is instantly clear that Gif is an artist whose music defies categorization. Gif uses his incredible gift for rhyming to discuss many diverse themes including politics, relationships, and religion. The intelligence and insight embedded throughout Gif’s lyrics place him in sharp contrast to most mainstream MC’s. At the same time, although socially aware Gif’s rhymes are not imbued with the unrelenting positivity that is often characteristic of so-called “conscious” MC’s such as Common. Gif’s voice is honest, real, and refreshing; he readily admits to his faults and frustrations, he is hopeful, but not unnaturally upbeat. Similarly, the beats he has chosen for this album also challenge audience expectations. Some of these tracks would be easily classified as radio ready street bangers while others display more underground sensibilities.

Gif’s music cannot be readily defined using traditional hip hop terminology, but I can definitely come up with a succinct description of this album; damn good. His genre-bending sound is innovative, a shot in the arm to a hip hop scene which lately seems determined to rehash the same series of themes. Gif’s unique and visionary approach to hip hop ensures that this is an album that will appeal to listeners with a wide variety of tastes. It is only a matter of time before someone in the industry catches on to Gif and one can only hope that success does not rob him of the distinctive qualities that make this first album so special.

"Welcome to the Critics' Corner"

Gail Worley

I’m not an expert in the hip-hop genre so I’ll stick to what I know when reviewing Gif, a soulful rapper from New York’s Harlem. “Broken” is a straight forward “I want you back, girl” rap with very little profanity and a cool backing track that sounds like it was sampled from a Delfonics song or something similar. “Changes” features a soulful backing singer alternating with Gif’s raps about wanting to make a change in the world, which gives the track a bit of a gospel feel in parts. Again, there’s a very melodic guitar and snare backing track that you’d more likely expect to find in the adult contemporary genre than in hip-hop. “Dangervill” is more in the gansta-rap style, but there’s a serious Christian reference in the lyrics. If you dig hip-hop that isn’t all about violence and profanity but has a melodic feel and features rhymes with a positive message, Gif is an artist to check out.



We GOT First LP recorded under the alias Verse1. Album featured "I'm just tryna" which recieved airplay on Trash it or blast it radio show in NYC.
"View of a loser from on top of the world" softmore LP released under the alias GIF. Songs featured on 97.1 The Box Maddhata show, RadioEdit show Tuesdays@10:00, podcast #24, Furyus positive Hip Hop podcast #6, Featured in heavy hitters section


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born Brooklyn, NY October 22,1979…… Gif was Blessed with uncommon ability and unique perspective, his distinctive outlook shines through in all of his lyrics. His journey through the world of hip-hop began in childhood Block ciphers and rap battles. The trials and tribulation of life taught Gif perseverance and determination as he endured the deaths of friends and loved ones, troubles with the law, and homelessness.

Reflects his perspective on many aspects of life and society including religion, politics, and sex

“….My style is like a cat scan read out in lyrics. It’s a reflection of my personality.
Sometimes I’m comical, sometimes I’m political, sometimes I’m rebellious, and sometimes I just feel like talking shit. Some may view my political songs and other songs I do as extreme contradictions as on a few joints I do seem to glamorize actions that I condemn in another, but I’m human. Everything has a balance of bad and good, a yin and a yang. Just like God has the Devil, light has darkness; just as fire can cook food it can burn you. I don’t say I’m exempt of these actions I just know they aren’t what should be done. A thief knows stealing is wrong, but he just might enjoy stealing or need to steal in order to survive. That doesn’t mean he isn’t remorseful about what he does or that he doesn’t question why he has to resort to such methods of survival or even despise it. I’m just me; Just GIF.”

Personal statement:
socially conscious, philosophic, corrupted black male. Poetic lyricist and gifted songwriter, CPR to the dying creative integrity of Hip Hop