Gift Eaters

Gift Eaters


whether you're looking at bent and twisted sheet metal, a road-side attraction, a lunar eclipse, you won't be coming back.


Gift Eaters is a new band from Edmonton, Alberta dedicated to continuing and developing the distinctive tradition begun by developments in late-90s American post-hardcore and modern European skram/emoscreamo/omgwtf. On Wednesday, February 20th, the day of 2008’s only total lunar eclipse, they tracked, mixed, and mastered their entire five-song Bird Omen EP with engineer extroardinaire Eric Cheng (Portraits, Spreepark) at Wash ‘N Dry Studios. The 14-minute work is raw, aggressive and decidedly passionate, recommended for fans of Funeral Diner, La Quiete, Logs, Raein, Colossus of Roads, Daitro, Portraits of Past, Sed Non Satiata, City of Caterpillar, and their ilk.


Bird Omen EP - 2008

Set List

20 minutes