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I just say my music is very versitile & something that'll have you thinking


On May 8th 1989, Marquis "Gifted" Hall was born to parents David and Novella in Newark, New Jersey, and ever since birth he was destined to be great. The only boy amongst a host of sisters, he was brought up in a broken home. However, unlike others, Gifted never let the minor obstacles lead him down the wrong path. At the age of six, he followed in the steps of his father and began drumming and at the age of seven, he began to play the piano. As time went on and he became more serious about his music, he performed at various functions and spent Sundays playing the drums and the piano for his church. Around the age of eleven, Gifted would make beats on the desks at school and watch his fellow classmates rhyme to them. Watching his classmates rap to the beats that he made with his hands made him want to rap. When he first started rapping he wasn't very good but never having been one to give up, he kept trying and came up with different, better rhymes. His rhymes continued to improve and a few years down the line, he hooked up with a group of his friends who were recording in a basement and thus began his career as a producer. Now at the young age of nineteen, Gifted not only raps, he also produces many of his own tracks. To gain recognition in the music world, Gifted has been a featured artist on many underground artists and DJ mixtapes such as DJ Reef, King Records, 5th Street Fam, DJ Bigg L. His mixtape work has helped him develop a serious fan base in and outside of his home state of New Jersey, along with the growth of the popular social networking site MySpace. com where he has well over 250,000 plays of his music and over 1,000 free downloads of his song "Where Ever You Are". Gifted has been ranked among the top 10 New Jersey artists on MySpace countless times. The rapper, who released his first solo mixtape "The Paper Chase" at the age of eighteen, is hard at work on his second mixtape which he calls his introduction to the world and is entitled "TakeOver is Only The Beginning" -



Set List

My sets can range from 30-45mins longer if needed. I just need a break in between long sets though.

My sets list consists of:
Like This
Around Me
Ms. Peanut Butter
Still Me
Dance Floor
Hands Up
& more music if set is asked to be longer