Gifted Tongue Assembly

Gifted Tongue Assembly

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The musical language of cultural revolution. The GTA has an uplifting message and a intelligent, funky hip-hop sound that is guaranteed to touch the soul and make people want to dance and think at the same time. Focused on community constructing narratives, the GTA is music FOR THE PEOPLE!


Formed in the crucible fire of the last days of man, the Gifted Tongue Assembly consists of three wordsmiths from three separate crews working together to practice the art of societal reconstruction through the mixed mediums of language and music. A truly unique combination of diverse styles, the G.T.A.'s lyricists each come from vastly different backgrounds, lifestyles and perspectives.
With the help of vocalist Jess Graham (Toronto) & the international stable of G.T.A. producers, the Assembly actively seeks to extend and reshape the boundaries of space, time and hip-hop. Welcome to the world of CCQ, Drew Carter & Menace!


CCQ - Book of Daniel (2006, Unincorporated)
Family Conspiracy - (2007, Unincorporated)
Gifted Tongue Assembly - "Early Warning Sings" EP(2008, Unincorporated)
Menace - "Still Flippin/Heads or Tails Double" LP (2008, Peddagree Ent)
Drew Carter - "Character of Man" (2008, World Sound Ent)
Gifted Tongue Assembly - "Seditious IllumiNations" (2008, Unincorporated)

Each album has seen airplay on local stations in CA, IL & OH.

and can be found on multiple streaming sites.

Set List

The G.T.A. has enough material to perform sets of any length. Typical shows range from 15 minute showcase sets to hour and half sets. On a headlining night the GTA will usually perform 3 hours of all original music.

The GTA's musical catalog includes the body of work from six full length albums.