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Tumbleweed LP 2007
Gifthorse EP 2005



Gifthorse is the brainchild of songwriters Zack Plastow, John MacKenzie and Bruce Niblett. ‘Tumbleweed’ (the band’s first full length release) is a collaborative effort that explores the themes of love and desire, loss and despair and ultimately hope and understanding through a sonic landscape of rhythm and melody. With influences ranging from rock and pop, jazz and blues to folk and country, ‘Tumbleweed’ is an ornate tapestry of layered guitars, interactive rhythms, and vocal harmonies that give Gifthorse its signature sound.

The project began in early 2006 when MacKenzie returned to Michigan after having lived in Colorado for several years, bringing with him new song ideas, as well as, a new-found affinity for country and western and the blues. Zack and Bruce had already been working on material and arrangements and performing and recording under the name Gifthorse at the time. But it was with MacKenzie’s addition to the lineup that things really began to take shape. Throughout 2006, the three founding members of Gifthorse spent countless hours honing their sound and writing new material.

As 2006 came to a close the guys were confident in the material they had written and decided it was time to record an album. Setting up shop in Zack’s basement studio, they began working on what was to become ‘Tumbleweed’. After sketching out the basic guitar tracks and vocals, Doug Bridges was selected to play drums on the album and Sean Bondareff was brought in to play bass. The rhythm section of Bridges and Bondareff couldn't have been better. Their performances truly compliment the songs on 'Tumbleweed' and elevate the album to a higher level.

Gifthorse is not what you’d expect from a band out of Detroit. In a town known mostly for garage rock and rap, Gifthorse is an anomaly. With a plethora of influences, the Gifthorse sound defies placement in any single genre, but it is also unmistakable nonetheless. Employing acoustic and electric guitars, three part harmonies, engaging melodies and thought provoking lyrics, Gifthorse has developed their own unique and powerful sound: A fresh sound reminiscent of everything good from the 70s, colliding with the future. With original songwriting and inspired live performances, Gifthorse is a band to watch.