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Gigahertz @ Outta the Way

Derwood, Maryland, USA

Derwood, Maryland, USA

Gigahertz @ DuClaw Brewery

Bel Air, Maryland, USA

Bel Air, Maryland, USA

Gigahertz @ Strathmore Concert Hall

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Rockville, Maryland, USA

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GHz (Gigahertz) There's Trouble Coming
New Door Productions

Well, I guess you'd have to call this album "retro". I'm not sure if that's generally taken as a bad thing or not but in this instance, it' going to be a delight to fans of late 1960's classic rock bands like Cream. GHz may be from Maryland in the USA but their motto is "Direct from London, 1968" and boy, do they deliver! "There's Trouble Coming" is a heady mix of covers from that period (mainly Cream, accounting for six of the album's thirteen tracks) and self penned songs in a not-dissimilar style. there are five of the band;s own excellent songs on the album, as well as "Up From the Skies" (Hendrix)
and"Crystal Ship" (The Doors). From the moment the band kicks the album off with a stonking rendition of "White Room" you know you are in for a treat and they do not disappoint! Very enjoyable indeed! APT - APT

GHz was formed in Washington DC in the summer of 2005 by guitarist Dan Hovey, drummer John Zidar and bassist Scott Giambusso. Dan and Scott share vocal duties, although Mary Ann Redmond pops up on 'Slow Poison' for a guest appearance.
The guys have been playing together on and off for a good 25 years and list their influences as Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, The Doors, and Blind Faith. Those influences shine through like the midday sun through a skimpy negligee.
The very first song is actually a cover of Cream's 'White Room'. It isn't a bad version, not a patch on the original, but perfectly agreeable all the same. The album as a whole is a selection of covers intermingled with some of the band's original tunes.
'There's Trouble Coming' is an original and it ain't 'alf bad. It's a moody number with a slow groove and some jazzy bass. It never really goes anywhere, but sometimes it's nice staying right where you are. 'SWLABR' is another Cream track and it's pleasant enough, although the freshly penned 'When Mars And Moon Collide' is comfortably better. It's a funky psychedelic track, again with a fat bass line, and hints at 'Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In' from the musical Hair.
'Up From the Skies' is a cover of the Jimi Hendrix number, whilst 'Deserted Cities of the Heart' and 'Sitting On Top of the World' again go in the direction of Cream. 'Flimsy Burnoose' is an original track that averages out somewhere between The Doors, 10CC and Barry Manilow. It's got more personalities than a car full of schizophrenics, but in a good way.
The Cream tracks 'Those Were The Days' and 'What A Bringdown' are separated by the Dan Hovey written 'Slow Poison'. It sounds more like a Cream track than most of the Cream tracks and works well. Perhaps Cream should do an album of GHz covers...?
The original 'Reign Maker' is another cool track with a Middle-Ages feel. Think of it as a blues minstrel track and you'll be there. I could imagine the guys dressed in yokel outfits playing this in a dusty tavern whilst buxom wenches serve flagons of monastic ale to the gathered peasants. Final track 'Crystal Ship' is very Doors like, and there's a good reason for that...
There's Trouble Coming is a reasonable album that suffers from unoriginality. The songs that the guys wrote are very good, and the album itself is well played and nice to listen to, but there are simply too many covers played too closely to the original style. If GHz focused their energies on producing an album of their own compositions, it could genuinely be excellent. So, er, here's to next time...
Check out... The relative pants-ness of the album's front cover.
Overall Score 75%
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Track List:
1. White Room
2. There's Trouble Coming
3. Swlabr
4. When Mars and Moon Collide
5. Up From the Skies
6. Deserted Cities of the Heart
7. Sitting On Top of the World
8. Flimsy Burnoose
9. Those Were the Days
10. Slow Poison
11. What a Bringdown
12. Reign Maker
13. Crystal Ship - Jon Wilde


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Outside Woman Blues
Armed and Dangerous



GHz is comprised of 3 players from the DC area who have spent a lifetime playing music as a profession. Dan and John having been former members of Root Boy Slims rhythm section and Scott making a living on the DC jazz and party scene. After Dan Hovey returned to Maryland from New York City where he worked on Broadway and giged at various rock and Jazz venues, the band was formed to recreate the chemistry of Cream, Hendrix and Zeppilin. Immediately people noticed the power of this trio and GHz started gigging around DC at local bars and playing special events for the radio station The Globe 94.7, the National Zoo and the Barns of Wolf Trappe. Besides playing over the top covers
of the great power trios of rock, Gigahertz has the great writing skills of Dan Hovey and Scott Giambusso and the brilliant arranging talents of drummer John Zidar. Their originals sound like tomorrow and speak the language of great rock music.
Now in it's fourth year GHz has finally released it's first cd, "There's Trouble Coming" a wonderful Journey with 7 covers and 5 originals that rock and groove and spin great stories.