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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Best Female Vocalist"

As taken from reviewer polls:

Best Female Vocals in Alternative Rock, week of 19Dec2005

Best Female Vocals in Alternative Rock, week of 26Dec2005

Best Female Vocals in Alternative Rock, week of 2Jan2006

Best Female Vocals in Alternative Rock, week of 9Jan2006 -

"A talented musician"

"Julie Novak is quite a talented musician..."
Brian Mahoney, Editor - Chronogram

"All-female, all-rocking, dynamic punk assault"

On Julie's first band, Gigantic's predecessor, Guitars and Hearts:
"All female, all-rocking, dynamic punk assault is one way to describe Guitars and Hearts, but their infectious stage presence must be witnessed for full effect." Zac Shaw - Scenery Magazine #2

"I love this song"

Review of, "The Other":

This song is wonderfully simple, and embodies everything great about rock music. The performances were all great. The parts were very simple, but fittingly so. Most of this song was just power chords, but was stylistically perfect. This song has a laid back yet punk feel to it all at the same time, and the dynamics are great, this song gaining the most energy around the 2:30 mark. This really helps to create a great mood with the soft verses swelling into something energetic. What really shines in this track are the vocals. She has a very good voice that doesn't sound like just another generic rock female vocal. The vocals were delivered with confidence and attitude, and were simply perfect. The rest of the band does a great job matching her intensity, and provides a steady rhythm section to accompany her. Great track. 4 out of 5!
Reviewed by: emoss1978 from Orlando, Florida [flag] -


"The other", a song in Gigantic's line-up, originally recorded by Novak's band "Guitars and Hearts" is on two compilations:
"We Will Be Heard Volume 2" (Mushroom Cloud Records) and "Various Artists" (The Fair School/Force Fields Forever)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Out of the ashes of the dynamic duo "Guitars and Hearts", arose Gigantic. For 3 years, vocalist and drummer Julie Novak played passionate pop/punk music with talented guitarist Lauren Camarata. In 2006, the two parted ways and while Julie continued to work on an already established body of solo acoustic work, she struggled to find a new writing partner. After finding out from a mutual co-worker that Kristen Rodecker played the bass, Julie invited Rodecker to jam one night and thus Gigantic was born. The irony of the name faded as the little duo became a powerhouse quintet with Justin Zipperle on drums, Erica Pivko on keyboard/guitar and Jesse Towey on guitar. The addition of Zipperle allowed Julie to come out from behind the drum kit to deliver a show that scenery magazine called an "all rocking, all dynamic punk assault with an infectious stage presence that must be witnessed for full effect." The larger sound helped to add a knockout punch to the already scrappy but tight arrangements of the Guitars and Hearts material. The group is currently gigging around upstate New York and plans on recording in the fall.