Gigantic Ant

Gigantic Ant

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Gigantic Ant is the piano trio evolved.

+ Heavy drums, punching bass, and an overdriven electric piano.

+ Perpetually changing rhythms, modes, and styles.

+ Inspired composition, improvisation, and chemistry.

+ Instrumental Rock-Fusion.

New "trio" album coming this fall.


A piano trio inspired by power trios, Gigantic Ant is pioneering instrumental rock-fusion. At a young age, brothers Jared (keys) and Donovan (drums) started exploring their songwriting abilities. Composing material based on theory instead of technique, they literally had to teach themselves their own songs.

After bringing in Zach Colton to play bass, they began to solidify their vision for a new sound that would be just as fun to listen to as it was to perform. What resulted was a very deep and intense style of music that exploits every human emotion and continues to grow. Within the span of a five minute song, you'll go from Latin America to New Orleans to Detroit, from 1685 to 1969.

Frank Zappa fused humor and aggressive composition. The Bad Plus fused jazz and rock. Keith Emerson pushed the boundaries of synthesis and piano chops, and Rush made odd-meter cool...

...and Gigantic Ant took notes.


Gigantic Ant LP
1. Huxley
2. Real Bear Has Bones
3. Timeout, Orlando!
4. Hell of a Nice Guy
5. Mr. Coffee's opus
6. This is Serious
7. Good Point, Mr. Wolf
8. Look at all that Mongoose
9. Schrodinger
10. Has Anybody Seen My Keys?
11. Skull on a Podium

Total Easy Ride EP
1. The Tino
2. Elephant Warfare
3. Everything is Changing
4. Orange You Glad?
5. Careful With That Fax, Machine
6. Total Easy Ride