Playing Alternative and 90s rock music that you don't always hear from other bands but you know the songs.


We play music that everyone knows but not everyone plays. We have energy and a great history in the music scene back to 1985. Your better than average cover band that can pleasantly surprise you with our song selection.

Set List

1.Foo Fighters-Moneky Wrench, Everlong, Times like these
2.STP- Vasoline, Plush, Creep, Interstate love song, Unglued
3.Soundgarden (Audioslave)- Like a stone, Fell on Black Days,
4. Alice in Chains- Down in a hole, No Excuses
5.Chevelle- Send the pain below
6. Smashing pumpkins- Zero
7.Godsmack -Keep away
8. Breaking Benjamin- Follow, Blow me away
9. Shinedown-Fly from the inside
10. Fuel-Shimmer
12.Days of the New-Downtown
13.Filter- Picture
14.Tonic- Open up your eyes