Gigi Brissot

Gigi Brissot


Conscious roots reggae flavored with uplifting guitar licks.


From the first song, “It’s a long road”, Gigi Brissot positions himself as a sharply tuned reggae artist and a messenger. The bass lines and innovative guitar licks throughout the album demonstrate the artistic maturity and time devoted to this project. The sounds of these seventeen strictly original tracks will please the ears of any reggae listener.

“Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was about eight years old, I picked up my father's guitar and have not let it down since” says Brissot. As a child, like many, he was influenced by the legendary Bob Marley whose music opened his eyes to black peoples’ struggle. As a musician, he now feels obligated to carry on the message, to bring light to the problems of brethren and sistren across the globe, empowering people through conscious music to fight oppression and discrimination.

Over the years Brissot has played guitar and bass with artists of various ethnic backgrounds, opening up for legends such as Bunny Wailer and Burning Spear. He has shared the stage with local and international artists such as Danny Tucker, Paul Wayne, Dion Knibble, Jah Shirt, Dia, and Lady Saw.

Brissot’s music spreads consciousness. Slave mentality still has a fundamental effect on the inner fabric of black society. Although institutional slavery no longer exists, the aftermath still lingers. Brissot’s intention, through music, is to help people recover what has been lost.

Each song on We are wanted/I am wanted is well crafted, informed by profound sadness and suffering, to send a cohesive message of hope. Brissot’s combined lyrics and melody elevate the listener to a different state, a state of awareness and clarity. It is one of the most comprehensive reggae albums written in a long time.


It's a long road

Written By: Gigi Brissot

It's a long road

It 's a long road with slippery slopes
But I have to go the distance
At every turn I find myself under microscopes
I must keep my head on straight and take my chance

Every sacrifice has its payoff
If you really know where you want to be in life
You must focus on your goal and not goof off
Success is just a heartbeat away, you will see

Every now and then life will throw you a hardball
But don’t give up, happiness is just a step away
If you don’t give in to temptations you can‘t fall
Be patient, patience will take you a long way

It’s a long road with all its adversities
But it is the only way to freedom
Don’t lose yourself to life in big cities
Keep the faith at the end you will find wisdom


Written By: Gigi Brissot

Rastaman must keep the faith

Every day
You teach me something new
You make me see life in a different way
You teach me to accept and respect what I can’t see or do

But to keep my faith in you always
You will never let me down
Whatever the reason may be you will be there always
Will keep me on your side and won’t let me down

Rastaman must keep the faith
Despite the world’s adversity
Rastaman must keep it straight
Despite the world’s uncertainty

If you want to live a fulfilled life
You must choose to be happy every day
Even when the unexpected occurs (happens) make it part of everyday life
You will come across adversity day by day

But to keep your head on straight
Despite racism, discrimination and hatred
Obstacles that will test your faith
You must stay strong and you won’t be betrayed

So much humiliation

Written By: Gigi Brissot

So much humiliation so much controversy
Look around you and tell me what you see
It isn’t supposed to be this way
How much more should we pay
To stop this madness
It causes so much sadness

It is a fight to survive
It is another to stay alive
Kids killing kids for no apparent reason
Some don’t live to see the next season
What example do we set for them to follow
When we our own lives are so shallow

What have we done to prevent this from happening
Life is so hard to bear, it‘s sickening
Nations fighting nations without motives
People killing one another for religious beliefs
Blacks fighting Whites, Whites fighting Blacks what’s to gain
Ethnicity is an every day issue, we are insane

How do we fix it, how do we make it better
If we could live in harmony life would be so much sweeter
So much confusion so much negativity
So many kids die young as a result of one’s stupidity


We are wanted/ I am wanted.
Singles: "Rastaman" and "Control and Power"
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