Gigi Brissot

Gigi Brissot


Conscious roots reggae flavored with uplifting guitar licks.

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Reggae Reviews – This is one of those hidden little gems

We Are Wanted / I Am Wanted (G Notes, 2006)

Although primarily a guitarist and bassist, the multi-talented, Haitian-born Josue "Gigi" Brissot sings, writes, and plays all instruments on his debut album, We Are Wanted / I Am Wanted. This is one of those hidden little gems that could reinvigorate your love for reggae, a set that runs 17 tracks deep but flies by before you know it. Gigi doesn't have a classic singing voice -- it cracks and creaks like a seasoned bluesman -- but it conveys the sort of emotional truth that all vocalists strive for. His singing combines the unassuming smoothness of Ijahman with the craggy, rustic appeal of Culture's Joseph Hill. Running contrary to his humble vocals, though, are the fiercely uncompromising Alpha Blondy-ish lyrics, as evident on "Why Should I?": "People like you should never be allowed in society. / Why should I believe you? / You have no personality." Ouch. He travels familiar socially conscious, Rasta-centric routes, but keeps the messages fresh with unexpected approaches like the simple, yet devastating chorus, "Life is, of course, impossible." Some might find the production on We Are Wanted a bit "low tech," but the old school sound appealed to me. The buzzing synthesizer adds a welcome dubby edge to these roots tunes, making it all feel like a long-lost '80s Ijahman album (or, given his penchant for short sets, two Ijahman albums). Granted, some of the music starts to sound alike by the end, but in some ways that adds to the cohesion of the tracks, and the exquisite songwriting and overall execution keeps them from becoming stale. We Are Wanted / I Am Wanted is a throwback album that you won't want to throw back. Check it at

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

A Must Listen – Lance-O, Kultchashok

"A nice voice of change for the roots reggae business."