Angie Hardy

Angie Hardy


A refusal to cave. A bittersweet haunting of memories and moments. Harlem meets Standards meets Woodstock meets Bonnaroo, sent together in a package stamped "freed with a voice."


Mostly influenced by vocalists whose styles become the signature of the band (Robert Plant, Chris Cornell, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Immi, Cake, Heart)


Familiar Place

Written By: Alyssa Erickson

I’m afraid
of the way
I’m lovin’ you
With my insides
Branded on my flesh

I’ve had my share
Of able-bodied lovers
But all of them
I loved them less

Your gypsy hair
Is made from poets fingers
The smell of yellow grass on blackened shores

Your sherry eyes
Liquid pools in glasses
Abandoned after banquets on the moon

You have the silhouette of a composer
Angular conductor of ripe sounds
Black mist in cobbled doorways
Runner with the music
As with the hounds

I recognized your face
In that nearer time and space
I hope that I can meet you
In that old, old,
Old familiar place