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In the Spotlight with Gigi Fouquet
We are pleased to present a Denon Exclusive Interview with indie sensation Gigi Fouquet. Gigi’s singles “Suddenly” and “You’re the Same as Me” have gained a strong following across the country. She has performed for the College Music Journal Festival and recorded her EP with critically acclaimed guitarist GE Smith, of Saturday Night Live, Bob Dylan and Hall & Oates.

- Denon/Sony

"Singer/songwriter Gigi Fouquet wows Richard Gere a"

For those of you seeking an escape from too-angry-girl vocals, saccharin pop or the predictability of Americana folk, Gigi Fouquet is a notable addition to your iPod. Offering a rich menagerie of sounds and beats, you will not regret spending the 8 bones on a ticket in this economy.
Fouquet recently performed at the Norwood Club in New York, celebrating the release of her EP Tiny Heaven. Veteran players G.E. Smith (former SNL band leader and Hall and Oates guitarist) and Jon Carin (Pink Floyd and Industry) played by her side. Richard Gere and his wife Carey Lowell were spotted among the audience members, listening intently to the up-and-coming French-American singer/songwriter.
Her sound is marked by strong acoustic strumming, often unique chord structures and catchy chord progressions that remain with you long after they have ended. Tiny Heaven features a mix of pop songs and folk-rock ballads. “You’re the same as me” is definitely a crowd favorite with its upbeat tune and lyrics that are easy to relate to if you’ve been in your twenties. The tracks “Brokenhearted” and “Missing” showcase Gigi’s wide vocal range over powerfully melancholic lyrics.
Gigi has undeniable stage presence and attracts a rowdy crowd of twenty-somethings making her shows a fun and entertaining place to spend your night. Her next performance is tonight at 10pm, May 7, at Pianos in New York City. Check out her myspace page for updates on other upcoming shows - MUSICOLOGY

"Richard Gere and GiGi Fouquet"

RICHARD Gere stick ing close to his amused wife, Carey Lowell, as he was sur rounded by starstruck 20-year-old girls after folk- rock singer Gigi Fouquets performance at Norwood . - NY POST page 6

"Artist Profile: Gigi Fouquet"

Last week, our friend and a former Jr. Manager for Karma (then called "Gorgeous Group") emailed our team and said that an artist named Gigi Fouquet was looking for management. Gigi is from New York and currently has a good following in the city. I called her yesterday and asked her a few questions to get better acquainted with her. We spoke about a lot of things, and I taped our call. Actually - one thing that you guys might like to see is an introduction video I did in order to present myself to Gigi before we actually spoke. I uploaded a simple video to YouTube and Gigi really liked that - something that might happen more in the future with lots of things - presentations, interviews like this, or even just reaching out for normal business. See the video here if you like. It's a great example of the new format that businesses are starting to take in some ways - mostly that the management is going more digital. -

"t.g.i.mixtape: volume 5"

Here is a catchy little ditty by an exciting new singer-songwriter named Gigi Fouquet. She is originally from Paris, France but now calls New York City home. Not only is she incredibly talented but she is backed by guitar legend G.E. Smith (Bob Dylan, Hall & Oats, Saturday Night Live). Together they make quite the team. Take a listen.

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EP: Tiny Heaven



“My music has changed completely over the last three years,” says GiGi Fouquet. “My eyes have been opened. I’ve been able to see what’s possible with recording an EP, touring it around New York City with my band, seeing how the songs can turn into something different on stage, and coming to realize that I can only make them better.”It’s not difficult to imagine what led the French-American singer-songwriter into the music business in the first place. It’s in her blood. “I grew up in a musical family,” she says. “My grandmother was a gifted vocalist and her sister Kay Kendall performed on stage in London. From a very early age, I can remember singing along to Ricky Lee Jones and Tom Petty with my Dad. I was exposed to a wide variety of music while we lived abroad and us kids were always encouraged to pursue our artistic ambitions. I was very lucky, in that sense.”Those life experiences take center stage on Fouquet’s new EP. A collection of upbeat pop songs and bluesy folk-rock ballads, ‘Tiny Heaven’ boasts many standouts, including the heartfelt ‘Suddenly,’ (“about the kind of love you just can’t put down”), the impassioned, orchestral ‘Missing’, and the irresistibly-catchy ‘You’re The Same As Me,’ already a hands-in-the-air live favorite. “It’s the kind of song everyone can relate to,” she says.For such a young artist, Fouquet boasts seasoned mentors. Her co-producer GE Smith is a guitarist of worldwide acclaim, having spent his early years on SNL and then in the company of legends like Bob Dylan and Hall & Oates. Then there’s also Jon Carin who is best known for his impressive work on the keyboard and guitar with Pink Floyd. All three artists recognized Fouquet’s unique sound and made the decision to take her on. The resulting union is a marvelous one: the freshness of youth mixed with the wisdom of the road.As for the EP’s title, it essentially evolved by accident. “We were in the studio recording ‘These Days Are Gone’ and Jon thought I kept singing the words tiny heaven,” says Fouquet. “Those weren’t actually my lyrics, but we all really liked that idea. The notion of having some small slice of the world where you can just be yourself, truly happy in your own skin.” The title certainly fits. A disarming sense of ease abounds in all of Fouquet’s music. Whether she’s singing about love or loss, failure or triumph, the themes are universal and we’re right there with her. At times strumming like Petty and howling like Joplin, and at other times channeling Tracy Chapman, singer/songwriter Gigi Fouquet and her EP, Tiny Heaven, have more to them than meets the eye.