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"Song Review - 'Walking In The Dark' (Part1)"

Great song, great message, nice vocals and musicanship. Excellent song all around with a strong melody and structure. I am a fan of GIGS now for sure. I even checked out the other tracks on his myspace page. Have a listen, worth your time for sure. Great job! -

"Song Review - 'Walking In The Dark' (Part2)"

Lovely composition and production absolutely first rate. Its hard not to draw comparisons with Rod Stewart in his folkster early days ie Maggie May. Your approach and style is quite similar. I like the telling a story quality to your lyrics which are personal and emotional yet universal with the longing quality of the words. The harmonica bridge was a tasteful break . Good job! -

"Album Review - "A Little Bit Of Everything""

Gigs (just one name, please) has created a compelling CD that feels like it's over too soon. As a guitar and keyboard player, Gigs' music skillfully ranges from richly-arranged, bass-heavy funk, to sparse acoustic production.

At first blush, the strongest motif would seem to be entreating a woman to stay a little longer - with “In My Room” he offers that, “there ain't nothin' wrong with messing around, without the messin,'” while in “Let it Flow,” he smirks, “Let's say 'goodnight' tomorrow morning.” This could have come off as so much swagger, but he plays it off.

In “Gift of Life,” he asserts that “I don't need no magazine to tell me what's beautiful, as long as I'm beautiful to me,” and it sounds like the result of self-examination, rather than self-indulgence.

By the end of the CD, we get a hint about where it might be coming from. Gigs recently relocated to southern California from Israel, where he'd spent most of his life, and “A Million Miles Away From Home” wistfully wraps things up as he muses, “Maybe I just don't want to wake up alone, 'cause for the first time in my life I'm a million miles away from home, and it's scary.” All in all, a sweet, well-produced effort.

E. I. Olsen / West Coast Performer Magazine - West Coast Performer Magazine


2006 - It's All In Your Hands
2004 - Journey (Live)
2003 - A Little Bit Of Everything



Take an ounce of Soul, a teaspoon of Jazz and a sprinkle of Rock and you will come pretty close to what Gigs is all about, a Songwriter with a story to tell. With a combination of exceptional guitar playing, meaningful lyrics and expressive performing skills Gigs has captivated audiences around the globe.

After finishing his mandatory military service in Israel, Gigs moved to Los Angeles where he embarked on his musical journey. He began touring in the United States in 2002 and has since performed in every major U.S. city. In the 3 years that followed, Gigs sold over 5,000 copies of his first two albums almost entirely through live performances, playing between 100-150 shows a year and constantly traveling from coast to coast.

Gigs has played on many prestigous stages in music venues across the United States. These include the 'Bluebird Cafe' in Nashville, 'Highland Grounds' in Los Angeles, 'Eddie's Attic' in Georgia, The 'Jammin Java' in Vienna, and many... many more.

In the summer of 2005 Gigs began touring in Japan.
His first Japanese Tour was sponsored by 'Case Logic', and subsequent tours have been selling out ever since. Gigs now has hundreds of enthusiastic fans attending his concerts in every major city across Japan.

Gigs is currently living in Melbourne, Australia & studying Audio Engineering at the SAE Institute.

*** Soundtracks ***

Six songs from his albums have been added to soundtracks of adventure sports movies including,
"Islands In The Stream" and "RA - Surf Across the Border Stories".
These soundtracks feature artists such as 'The Offspring', 'Wyclef Jean', 'Switchfoot', 'G-Love' and 'Donovan Frankenreiter'.

In addition to this, the song "Wake Up Call" from his latest album "It's All In Your Hands" appeared in the full length Israeli Film "Different Sky".