Gil Alcantar

Gil Alcantar


My Music is progressive jazz and commercial jazz. The progressive jazz has a strong harmonic foundation that is complex yet affable to the common ear, with a strong rythm structure in all aspics of the music. The melody is repetative motifs that are developed and ornamented. Some muti metered pieces


We perform all styles of Jazz however focus on my original compositions which cover BeBop, progressive and commercial styles. I am influence by Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Grover Whashington, Cannonball Aderley, Jay Beckenstiern, Bill Evans and Michale Brecker to name a few. What sets us apart is the music can be complex yet pleasing to the common ear with the commercial pieces develope with the concept of utililzing and developing motifs that are simple and common to most ears, giving the audience a sense that they are familiar with the piece first time heard. My family has many musicians in it, with my father being a jazz drummer, he started all my siblings on an instrument. I began studying the saxophone at eight. About that age I was apparrently noticed to have musical talent and was the only one selected from my 3rd grade class to go to an LA Phiharmonic rehersal. It was my first time seeing and hearing a live orchestra. It was incredible. At 13 I began performing professinally. I studied and have a BA in Music Ed and a Masters in Music. I always loved music and jazz however it wasn't util I was 18 before I new that was my music of choice to play and compose.


I am working on a CD for Narnack Records that was formerly of NY NY and now is in LA. I am in the process of this venture . My upmost conern is to get some air play and notoriety to help support jazz venues for performance.

Set List

Typical set list is all originals unless there is a more commercial venue. Originals we would perform are about 6-8 turnes per set, depending on the length of the tune. I am big on imporvisation for all the players. A short tune would be about 3-4 minutes and a long tune could be 6 minutes rarely however somtimes longer.