Gildon Works

Gildon Works


Beloved Philly sextet shrouded in gorgeous, shimmering guitars, building moody crescendos that glisten like morning grass in Fairmont Park. Early frontrunner for Philly local release of the year.


Formed in Philadelphia, Gildon Works began in 2006 as the side project of then-Relay- drummer Gerard Angelini (guitar, vocals)
and Cody Ferdinand (bass, vocals). The band played several shows as a four-piece, but as their popularity grew, so did their lineup. Josh Cicetti (guitar), and Stacy Shevlin (vocals, percussion), also from Relay, joined the group and recorded Artful Rifle in 2008 at The Cobbs Studios. After some recent reshuffling, Dave Moylan (keyboards), formerly of Sola and Icy Demons, and Chris Wilson (drums), of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, complete Gildon Works today.
In person, the band boasts a wide wall of sound, tempered by quieter, vocal driven songs. In 2008, GW performed at Popped Festival, and has shared the stage with the French Kicks, Daniel Johnston, Place To Bury Strangers, and many of their regional contemporaries.
Ethereal but physical, Gildon Works throws together a sound that lilts at times atmospheric, but is at its core intense, forceful and demanding. The songs are passionate, but finely crafted. Ambient noise rises and reverberates, like voices from a choir circling an empty cathedral, over songs punctuated with moments of clarity. Strong chords emerge on the first listen, but over time the songs reveal their structural and compositional intricacy, with rhythms layered and nested like Russian dolls.


LP - Artful Rifle (streaming)
Radio - "Pity for the City" "Forth but First"

Set List

45min - Hour. Album tracks and new material.