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Abstract, concrete, and progressive MC and instrumentalist with 9 releases to show his conceptually eclectic rhymes and genre-defying beats.


Gilead7's music is a testament to free spirited thinking on religion, the world, and art. Hailing from Chicago, this PhD seminary student/MC/producer began his musical journey attempting to do Christian rap. His early basement tapes were grounded in battle rap, MC conceptual skills, and an almost common articulation of the Judeo Christian faith. However, this box of "Christian" rap was too small and had too many rules to hold his burgeoning musical craft. Now, he performs his excommunicated rap and instrumentals to pagans, Jesus enthusiasts, and anyone in between, rhyming theological philosophy over porno moans or Simon and Garfunkel chopped but not screwed. You may even catch him with a guitar singing Hopi mantras about love and unity, performing alongside everyone from GRITS and Mars ILL to Psalm One (Rhymesayers) and Qwel. It just depends on the day and how the "Spirit" leads him.

Because the "box" of Christian rap was way to small for the creativity Gilead7 possessed by blood (coming from a family of accomplished artists), Gilead took his religious convictions to the gritty underground hip-hop scene of Chicago, touching some of the same stages and going through the same ranks as the infamous Typical Cats, Thaione Davis, the Molemen (Juice, Rhymefest), and countless other household names in the the subterranean regions of the culture. Here, he sharpened his rhymes on basement tapes he would sell hand to hand and in the underground shops, doing all from the rhyming to the beatmaking and mixing. Around such impeccable and indelible hip hop talent, he had no choice but to perfect his craft or get out. Perfect it he did, collecting more and more acclaim with each effort.

After the basement tapes, he partnered with another MC by the name of Henchmen, and they both formed the crew "Transparent Frequency," a duo focusing on excellent rhyming and a committment to Christianity. The group performed for many packed audiences in the Chicagoland area, from university student organization sponsored events to youth groups. With this outlet, Gilead was able to gain both faith based and secular audiences. In 2001, TF did a compilation entitled "Reflections," which featured solo songs from Henchman and G7, as well as some other guests such as JJ (also added to TF), and JSmoove. This CD was played and promoted on Chicago's legendary WHPK 88.5, and the internet, with good responses.

Gilead then did a battle single CD entitled "Invincible," with a second track, "Stylistic Expressions RMX," featuring Jenny Thornton. This release was self-produced. He then created a fantasy role playing game like EP entitled "Stories of Sorcery," no doubt influenced by his ever evolving interest in Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Lance, Lord of the Rings, and the like. It featured Wordz of ReServed Records, a well-respected MC in the Christian/secular hip-hop arena. This release still is talked about to this day, with several requests to release it as a digital album.

After being aquainted with Chicago label ReServed Records (partly founded by Overflo, the founder of Birthwrite Records, bringing you Psalm One and Thaione Davis), Deftone, the owner, asked Gilead about doing a proper full-length release. "The Darkroom: The Abandonment of Christendom" was born. In "The Darkroom," Gilead stepped away from his moderate content and painted the picture of a person who had directly and indirectly turned from Christianity. He utilized fierce and seemingly blasphemous battle raps, talked about conversions to Satanism and Hinduism, and was candid about his sex life. It featured Listener (Mush Records, Deepspace 5), Lord 360 (heard on several releases by the Opus), Malakh El, and Christian rapper (the only one on the release) Evan G. ReServed ( released the album in the fall of 2005, and it was received well by the hip-hop listeners, but stirred controversy in the Christian hip-hop world, causing him to lose the ear of some of this genre. "The Darkroom" received great album reviews (, but was also picked apart by Christian hip-hop reviewers ( In 2007, ReServed released what Gilead7 called "an excursion into the art of conceptual battle rapping." "Death Penalty Shots" was born, and demonstrated a boastful and risque G7 on his own production as well as that of Switzerland's Ruedi Snare, and Chicago's Sean The Pawn (of Iron Vagina Records). DPS is full of gory war metaphors, sexual references, and struggles to be a success in music. Okayplayer gave the EP 3 out of 4 in their review section, and Chicago's own Sun Times newspaper ran an article on him and the album right around the time of its release.

Wanting to give rhyming a rest, Gilead plunged into production, perfecting his instrumental style of obscure Celtic samples, strange and hard drum patterns, and melodic synths and basslines. In the


Explosions (1999)
The Calm EP (2000)
Reflections (2001)
Invincible (single, 2002)
Stories of Sorcery (2003)
The Darkroom (2005)
Death Penalty Shots (2007)
"Movers and Shakas 7' vinyl single (Feat Thaione Davis, Nizm, Skech 185, GQ Tha Teacha, and Tall Black Guy)
The Darkroom: The Abandonment of Christendom (to be released in the summer of '05)

Set List

Varies from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Usually consists of a sort of rustic mixtape format, with brief segments of songs along with 1 or 2 full songs and interludes of Celtic, folk, rock, and electronica.