Giles is a singer/songwriter with a huge vision. As he is not limited to one instrument, his songs are varied, catchy, and infectious.


Giles is no stranger to performance--he's been performing in one way or another since he was very young. He's been a breakdancer, performed with one of the country's preeminent choreographers, and was on stage with his band in Southern California when he was 14 years old.

Much of his music endears itself well for use in films, and his talent at improv allows him to generate fantastic movements and interludes based on theme songs.

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Full CD in the works.
5-time #1 Pop song on
Numerous streams available at:
Over 60 songs recorded.
Radio Airplay for "My Favorite Song"

Set List

The sets Giles does are completely tailored to the venue and crowd. He has 4.5 hours worth of tunes ready to go. For some crowds, he'll play a higher percentage of R&B flavored material, and for others, he'll break out more pop ballads.