Chris Gill's Sole  Shakers

Chris Gill's Sole Shakers

 Jackson, Mississippi, USA

A hefty mix of Creole Grease, Mississippi Mudd and Irie Riddims. All thrown together in a Low Country Boil, so it get White Hot . We've been hittin' the note together for 13 years. We'll get it so funky you can smell it!


Seasoned professionals with a true feel of the Blues. All of us born in the south (Mississippi). We have a list of influeces all across the board from Taj Mahal to Bob Marley to Otis Redding. We keep it deep in the pocket. Refer to


Change For Now

Written By: C Gill

Looking at life and wondering
will it ever slow down like it use to be when our heart was all that drove us to craziness and back again I don't know where i've been still trying to find a way to get there.
Seems a week ago we were rolling with the punches and ducking from anything that made us change the way we felt inside. Seeing friends growing in to families right before eyes still trying to realize.
How time's gonna change
while life's gonna rearrange.
But you stay in the race at your own natural easy pace.
you are the one who can turn it all around when everything seems so confused.
Gone are the days when life had no meaning. look back watch how it rolls and shakes along. We're all wanderers on lost highways. We're driven by our
dreams that will come true.
So when life decides to throw another curve and makes you swing eventhough your eyes are closed
Don't fret it none stand for what is real inside and never forget to realize;
Time Gonna Change
It just keeps rearranging
stay in the race at your own easy pace
Know you are the one to turn it all around when everything seems so confused.


Two cd's:
Come Early Stay Late
Some radio play locally

Set List

Typical set list is a mix of Blues, Funk and Carribean Tunes. And whatever the audience wants.
Sets as long as need be.
Do a mix of originals and covers