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Rochester, New York, United States | INDIE

Rochester, New York, United States | INDIE
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Much like chemistry, hip-hop revolves around a number of elements. But unlike chemistry, the Elemental 2 hip-hop show won't bore you to death. To celebrate the release of his album "Consumption," local lyricist Gillateen called up all his friends from across the periodic table - DJ'ing, MC'ing, breakdancing, and graffiti writing - in an effort to showcase their skills. Hassaan Mackey and Reece Q are also on the bill, as well as a number of DJs, and the FUA Crew will be in the house doing live art displays, live air-brushing, and giveaways. Get a taste of where hip-hop came from, and where this group hopes to see it return.

Elemental 2 feat. Gillateen takes place Saturday, February 27 at 9 p.m. at Dubland Underground, 315 Alexander St. $3. 232-7550
- Rochester City Paper

I put a picture of the review in the photo gallery. You can read the article. It was a nice full page article about what I do.

by Troy Smith.

All the details are in the Gallery. - Insider Magazine/article is on my myspace

Travie has recently been appearing on collaborations with hip-hop artists including Gillateen out of his homeland of Upstate New York as well as Tyga, his cousin out of Compton.

The track with Gillateen is called “Giants” and can be checked out by clicking the link here. I’m not too familiar with Gillateen or the rest of the guys on the track, but it’s pretty dope. Travie comes in towards the end over the laid-back yet kind of eerie instrumental. It actually kind of reminds me of an old Wu-Tang track with a looped instrumental and dudes just coming in spitting their verses. I’m sure collaborating with Travie will draw a lot of attention to these guys as well.

The track with Tyga is more of a club banger called “Coconut Juice”. It can be checked out on Tyga’s Myspace here.

Apparently a video for the song was filmed last weekend in Woodland Hills, California, and will not only feature Travis but also Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. The upcoming Tyga album is titled “No Introduction” and is due out this spring. It will feature production from Patrick Stump (Lupe Fiasco), S*A*M/Sluggo (Gym Class Heroes) and Stress (Ghostface Killah). I am definitely interested in checking out the video. You can check out some photos from the video shoot by checking out Tyga’s blog here at Friends or Enemies.

Travie has been a busy dude lately with all these collaborations, video shoots and now an upcoming college tour. Check out more info on the upcoming East Coast tour here.
- 451 Press

Legendary Emcee Guru who died April at 43 would certainly be proud. As one half of ionic hip hop duo gangstarr along with premier guru seamlessly blended raw lyricism and dynamic jazz influence beats. And now his impact is visable locally. On his new album, Consumption, local rap artist Michael Gillateen Guilfoyle seems to channel gurus spririt. Consumption features the same kind of jazz influenced beats, with an emphasis on old school. Guilfoyle takes shots at everything from Radio and rappers who sell out to the simplicity of contemporary hip hop. The production is surprisingly mellow- especially for an emcee like Guilfoyle, whose voice has a natural power and ferocity but it doesnt stop him from breathing lyrical fire. On "Burn Chill" Guilfoyle spits "you suck, your games wack, you cant teach, your lame jack, and no your trades smack. Harsh words delivered casually. Clearly Guilfoyle is fed up with the current state of hip hop, but this time around he is above petty anger, choosing instead to brush his shoulders off. Things get a little harder on "Death" Guilfoyle keeps pace with featured guest Ruste Juxx of Boot Camp Click. Lab Ratz featuring rappers Laz Green and Mooney Faugh of local Hip Hop band SubSoil, finds the trio in old school eminem mode, spitting vulgar, quick paced rymes over a minimalistic beat. Consumption puts catch hooks and gimmicks aside in favor of great lyrical content. Wich would play well during any era of hip hop. Fans Got a sneak peak at the leak party on may 11th. The full version will be available at the official cd release party May 29th at dubland underground. Go to 11th

-Troy L Smith - Insider Magazine


The big single from my first music run was "Giants" Produced by Dj Sie One with Travis McCoy from the year 2000. There is still some GCH websites with information on the release. My first full length LP is released and is doing great. We have hand to hand sold over 4500 copies. I have a single with Crayz Walz called "Sunshine" (Def Juxx), Punchline called "Punch Out" (Emc), Kosha Dillz called "Hold the Fence" (Modular Moods), Rust Juxx called "Death" (Duck Down Records/ Boot Camp Clik) Hassaan Mackey "Still Here" (Low Budget Kev Brown) All of those tracks are on my latest project that dropped May 29th. Some of wich I attached to my epk. I have a track called "Bring It Back" that is being played on many college radio, internet radio, and local stations. 94.1,88.9,103.9, Rs Radio, JFN Radio, and w585. The Temple Radio with KRS1 is playing another Single called "Fly Away" with Danielle Ponder for the next two weeks, and so are other local stations in Upstate NY. I also have a record called "Jazza Bell" that is in rotation on local, college, and internet radio along with many small stations and blogs in the UK. In July we leaked an unmastered version of a song called Angel Dust Produced by Coach P. The song is already landed in the hands of Dj's, and is getting spinns on internet radio stations all over. This has all happened in my ten month return. I urge you to listen to my music. I thank you for your review. My myspace has a larger selection of my music. Feel free to visit there to hear more songs. I also have a website called that is under construction and is very simple right now. Or just drop me a message and I will give you a link to the whole project and my latest singles.



I have so many influences I could go on and on for days. I would have to say my favorites right now are Mos Deff, C Rays Walz, EMC, Masta Ace, and Blu. A couple of these guys I mentioned are on my latest project that dropped May 29th 2010 called "Consumption". If I had to say what sets me apart from most artists looking for gigs is experience. I have done shows for 50-5000 people. I have great crowd control and always get the crowd into what I do. Im a big guy so people listen when I speak. I pronounce my words clearly on the mic and every word is heard by the crowd. Many acts I hear are muffled or scared to lay it all out. I love to lay it out. I used to be in a group with Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. We grew up together and still stay in contact and actually have a couple songs together as well. He signed with his band GCH. So our Dj Sie One just stopped making music for a while when they left for tour. Sie One was the producer who crafted the remake platinum single "Cupids Choke Hold" and never got credit. Along with "Pillmatic" and a couple other songs on thier first and second release. That kind of took the wind out of the sail as they say. We broke up until recently decided to make another run at music. Needless to say Sie 1 and I are going great and have seen great sucess in the ten month return. I'm back stronger and smarter than ever. I have many industry contacts all over the world. I just came back from an 11 city tour and have another one set for late fall. The album sales have been solid most have been hand to hand on the road. So here we are. I hope we get the chance to meet and work togther. Again, I thank you for taking the time to look at my EPK.