Gillian Grassie

Gillian Grassie


Combining smart lyricism with a smoky soprano and a contemporary, bold approach to the harp, Gillian’s debut EP sold out of its original pressing and helped her cross over to radio play. A captivating stage presence, this innovative artist will be releasing her first full-length effort in Oct 2007.


Gillian Grassie (say: Jillian Grass-y) is a contemporary harpist/singer-songwriter whose music blends jazz, folk, rock, and Latin influences under smart, accessible lyricism and a smoky soprano.

Her clever songwriting is supported by extensive classical training in both harp and voice. Gillian's interpretations of traditional Scottish harp repertoire earned her first place prizes in five competitions and an invitation to perform at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival in 2001. In her youth, she sang with both national and regional ACDA honors choirs in such prestigious venues as Heinz Hall, Symphony Hall, and The National Cathedral.

Gillian's debut, independent EP To An Unwitting Muse, released in June 2005, sold out of its original pressing and helped her cross over onto radio territory, getting airplay on WXPN and making the top 10 in Q102's "Have a Great Gig" contest. She is currently in the studio working on her first full length effort, Serpentine, slated for release October 26th, 2007.

In addition to performing her own music, Gillian is a member of the Brandywine Celtic Harp Orchestra, a fifteen-piece harp ensemble, as well as the Oberon Orchestra, an eleven-piece melodic rock orchestra. She has composed original music for theatrical productions and maintains her career as a freelance harpist.

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Sweet Metallic

Written By: Gillian Grassie

Fear tastes like rust sucked inside your mouth / a sweet metallic you can't spit out / see, you just can't plan for this kind of thing / but what were we expecting? / we can't stay, can't leave, can't force the peace / we can't make our gods do anything / men stand like tall white stones / lined in a thousand tidy rows / see, we dwell in a house of ceder / no fear here no love either / but there's a woman sitting there / on a hard kitchen chair / scared to death of the knock on her doorway / don't let him be gone / I can't do this alone / we've got three kids, got a family / what am I but a single girl? / armed with just five senses in a senseless world / everybody wants their answers / but getting the question right's what really matters / you know this used to be our home / it wasn't much but it was our own / but the waters kept on rising up / and no one came to save us / we heard, "Bye Bye Blackbird," / from the edge of a stern / that was pulling away / yeah, we've built ourselves on unity / and a land of opportunity / and shame, shame, shame / fear tastes like rust sucked inside your mouth / a sweet metallic you can't spit out.


EP "To an Unwitting Muse" 2005
radio singles: The Surface, Mr. Houdini

"Serpentine" 2007

Set List

Gillian typically plays single or double sets that range from 45 - 90 minutes of original music. She rarely plays covers at her shows.

Original Songs include:

The Surface
Mr. Houdini
Empty Calories
Tell Me
Better or Worse
1000 'I Love You's
So Funny
The Train
Silken String
No Answer
Rewriting the Alphabet
Sweet Metallic

Gillian is an extremely versatile musician who, in addition to her solo work, maintains her classicaly trained, multi-award winning instrumental chops and repertoire to play regular bookings at weddings, hotels, restaurants, and private parties. She can comfortably play 2-4 hours of background music in a combination or seleciton of Classical, Celtic, Jazz, and Standard genres.