Gillian Kirkland

Gillian Kirkland


Classically influenced neo-cabaret, chamber-folk unlike anything you've ever heard.


Gillian Kirkland is a Canadian singer, accordionist and composer. After completing studies in classical singing, she began to explore composition while experimenting with an accordion. Her music is sometimes described as Neo-Cabaret with influences from both American folk and jazz as well as classical European traditions. She has been involved in numerous collaborations with musicians of various persuasions as well as storytellers, poets and playwrights. She currently lives in Ottawa where she is part of a diverse and evolving arts scene.


Indifférence 2009

Set List

Special requests such as a thematically oriented or single language performances should be discussed in advance. Performances are generally bilingual and are comprised of selected songs from previous and forthcoming albums including but not limited to any of the following:

Histoire d'amour
Hidden Stars
To my mother
Minorité invisible
Cache moi
Song for JS
Le début de la fin
I have been to the Sea
Fais-les donc jouir
La fuite
The naked wood
Ligne dans le sol