Singer/Songwriter influenced by the likes of Greg Dulli, Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska, Pedro The Lion, Kid Dakota, Sparklehorse, Iron and Wine, Bright Eyes, Jim James, Ryan Adams, Scout Niblett, Okkervil River, Damien Rice, Cat Power...


I was born in Cincinnati, but at the age of 4 years, moved to Corbin Kentucky. I moved to Nashville, TN around the age of 23 and was in a band that ended up on a major record label. We toured the US. I quit that band and moved to Louisville, KY.

My best friend and I started a band. We started another band. We toured the US (east of the Mississippi) independently. He left that band and started a different band. I stayed in the band with a chick and two other guys. I started getting bored with writing stuff for wanna be indie band and chasing commercial success.

All the while a few different women really messed me up. I could tell you their names, but youd think it uninteresting. I wrote songs about the situations. I sent these songs to a guy in Lexington Kentucky he liked them, which was a slight surprise. I decided to go by a different name, because I didnt really know my Grandfather; his name was Gillis, and I love my Father; his name is Gillis.

I just made an EP called If It Wasnt For Gravity. I sing and play most of the instruments on it but Ive never sung in any of the other bands. I guess these songs need me to sing them that seems to sum it up pretty well.


If It Wasn't For Gravity (EP) 2006