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Gillmor @ Cesar Chavez Park

Sacramento, California, USA

Sacramento, California, USA

Gillmor @ Good Day Sacramento

Sacramento, California, USA

Sacramento, California, USA

Gillmor @ Blakes on Telegraph**

Berkley, California, USA

Berkley, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



It's the dream of every boy or girl who has ever picked up a guitar, twirled a drumstick or played the keyboard: to sing before a crowd of adoring fans and to have your music played on the radio.

The five members of the band Gillmor are taking that dream one step further. Their single "Hey" has been licensed to the Fox network for use as the theme song on the new series Unhitched, which premieres this Sunday, March 2 at 9:30 p.m.

Lead singer Ryan Gillmor of Sacramento wrote the song with Tim Pagnotta, lead singer of the band Sugarcult. After recording a solo CD, which he sold out of the trunk of his car, Ryan teamed up with Tyler Thompson of San Bernardino, who plays piano and keyboard.

When the two decided what they needed was a full band, Tyler thought of his former bandmates in Lake Arrowhead. He had been part of Eva Elliott, which also included Jake Harrison on guitar, Justin Ivey on drums and Jimmy Marvich on bass.

"I've done this before," Ryan said, "and it's always a difficult process to add people. But when I found these guys, it was so easy. It was too good to be true. It's never this easy."

Jake, Justin and Jimmy learned Ryan's songs and then added their own "spice and flair."

As Jake said, "We take what Ryan writes and make it our own."

Gillmor was invited to appear on the Mark and Brian show on KLOS recently as part of their unsigned artists series. The hosts told the listening audience, "We are not just picky about who comes on the show. We're a lot picky."

They added they listen to a lot of music. "You guys seem to have a unique, polished sound," the hosts said.

During the show, Gillmor played three songs live on the air: "Hey," "I Don't Love You" and "Without You." In acknowledging a comment about the quality of their sound live on the radio, Tyler said "They have a good sound engineer at the station. We played our songs through their mixing board."

The very catchy "Hey" opens with the line, "I'm counting the days since I began to live without you"—words that make it clear why the folks at Fox chose the song for the show about four newly single people.

The more plaintive "Without You" features Tyler's masterful keyboard playing. "I'm always changing it," he noted. Tyler's musical career began on the saxophone, then moved to the guitar and finally the piano, on which he is self taught.

"I Don't Love You" has some monster guitar licks, while in "California Summer" the young men's voices blend in beautiful harmony.

Listening to Gillmor's songs, the individual talent of the five band members is apparent. However, their true power and appeal come from their collective strength, led by Ryan's bewitching voice.

Jake, Justin and Jimmy all graduated from Rim High School, Jake and Jimmy in 2006 and Justin a few years before that. Jake played guitar in the jazz bands at both MPH and Rim High.

The young men all agreed this has been a dream of theirs for a long time. The past eight months or so they have been part of Gillmor is indeed a dream come true.

Things just keep getting better for the band. Following their appearance on the Mark and Brian show, they picked up a manager. They have been flirting with several record labels and are starting to get return phone calls.

Current and future fans can listen to Gillmor's music at, where the "Counting the Days" CD is available for sale through PayPal. It is also available at

Next up for Gillmor: an appearance at The Glasshouse in Pomona on March 8. And they have just been added to the summer concert series lineup on Center Stage in Lake Arrowhead on May 9 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

At the end of their appearance on the Mark and Brian show, the hosts commented, "This is the biggest day in these guys' lives."

There's no doubt there are even bigger days ahead for the five young men who make up Gillmor.

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Gillmor is the other independent act in this article. This California band just came together as a full-fledged band even though singer/front-man Ryan Gilmor has been actively pursuing his musical career for the past few years, even going as far as to follow the Warped Tour around the country from stop to stop selling copies of his EP. Things have really picked up for these guys over the past year or so, they’ve gotten radio play on KWOD in Sacramento. Their song "Hey!" was chosen to be the theme song for a new Fox comedy called "Unhitched" premiering in March. They’re getting ready to embark on the Digital Donation tour across California and they’re getting some label attention from a few majors. Expect big things from Gillmor.

- Alternative

When you first listen through Gillmor’s seven-song EP you can’t help but think that a lot more is to come for these guys. They’ve got GREAT songs, on the disc the band seems really tight, good lyrical content, and from what I’ve seen on their MySpace page and from everything I’ve heard; they’ve got the hard-working attitude to go along with their talents. Gillmor’s “Counting the Days” earns them an A for an independent release pretty easily. “Hey!” (which is going to be used as a theme song for the new Farrely brothers comedy on Fox in March) is a guaranteed hit if released on a full-scale basis. On tracks like “Hey!” (especially on “Hey!”), “I Don’t Love You”, and “Kids Will Be Kids”- that’s when Gillmor is at their best. The music is bouncy, fun and enjoyable. These three songs remind me of Nine Days with a California edge; great stuff. Nine Days isn’t all that I hear in Gillmor. I also hear a lot of Queen. On songs like “In This Moment” and “Without You”, Front man Ryan Gillmor has a distinct tone, a lot like Freddy Mercury, and when he’s singing in front music with a lot of dramatic/climatic undertones, you get a Queen reference. Gillmor’s seven song EP “Counting the Days” is as good as it gets for an independent release. It shows potential across the board. Gillmor has all the necessary tools to be a major label act; the hit, the talent, the image, and the work ethic. Expect Gillmor to be coming to a radio near you. - Alternative Addiction

Sounds like: Solid, infectious piano-driven power pop that you would totally get into after hearing a snippet of one song on a prime-time television show. There are elements of Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds, Phantom Planet and the rock of Butch Walker. Some songs, such as "Hey," will have you singing along before it even ends. It's that catchy.

Releases: Ryan Gillmor released the "Counting the Days" EP this year. Look for a full release from the band in 2008.

Sample the music: music

Remember the name Gillmor. These guys are going to be huge.

Although the group only formed a few months ago, the power pop band has already worked with Tom Higgenson of the recently Grammy-nominated Plain White T's and Tim Pagnotta of Sugarcult.

Ryan Gillmor, who lives in Sacramento, was in Los Angeles in January working on his EP "Counting the Days." Tyler Thompson, of San Bernardino, who plays piano and keyboards and has done session work, got the call to join Gillmor in the studio.

"We just clicked," Thompson said.

Months later, the pair knew they needed a full band.

Thompson thought of Lake Arrowhead band Eva Elliott, which had a member recently quit. So guitarist Jake Harrison, drummer Justin Ivey and bassist Jimmy Marvich joined Gillmor and Thompson.

"We keep it simple, it's really just us," Thompson said.

That simple formula of clean, power pop is working. One of the band's songs, the ridiculously catchy "Hey," has been picked up as a theme song for an upcoming show on Fox. It was co-written by Pagnotta. Higgenson did guest vocals on "Kids Will Be Kids."

The group is also about to head out on the Digital Donation Tour for Music Saves Lives, with dates scheduled around California. - The Press Enterprise

I can see it all so clearly:

The camera opens on a serene swimming pool. One lone character comes into view with an acoustic guitar and contagious enthusiasm. Within 30 seconds the scene is filled with hip, hot 20-somethings all diving into the pool. Dolphins leap out of the water, each one being ridden by mermaids. Ryan Gillmor (the lone figure from before) smiles even wider as his sure-to-be HIT, “Hey!” finds its way to the first catchy chorus. Everything becomes bathed in a bright yellow light while piano notes tinkle. The video continues as we see Gillmor impatiently waiting for some tan chick to find the perfect outfit. Clothes are flying, guitars are strumming, and Gillmor ducks right out of there. In his words, he’s “Better off without you.” So true; who needs to sit still when you can get out in the sun and be free? We end up in a crowded park. People are dancing and singing along with Gillmor. A painter with a handlebar mustache is creating a beautiful picture of youth and endless summer days. People interlock hands, dogs chase after Frisbees, cell phones sit untouched. It’s about the closest thing to free love since “music” festivals in San Francisco during the 60’s. Sure, it’s cheesy, but it’s not LFO cheesy or anything. The camera rests on a setting sun burning dark orange. Gillmor surveys their pleasant court of merry jesters. they prepares to play another song, another hit. The screen goes bright white.

I look a bit farther down on my computer screen and see that “Hey!” has racked up over 1 million views on Youtube (and 3 million plays on Myspace). I smile and wonder how cozy Gillmor’s new palatial estate must feel. He deserves it, and mark my words, this song will sponsor a Gap campaign. Or, maybe, the next photo slideshow I create. Either way, you’ll be hard pressed to find another break-up song that’s so catchy and optimistic and, well, cheery. I want to get a girlfriend just so I can get dumped and listen to this song in a Sebring convertible.

I may look like a fool if none of this comes true, but that’s never stopped me before.

Ha, yes, there are other songs on Counting The Days. They’re good, too. However, it’s hard to surpass the catchiness of “Hey!” While listening to it, I am reminded of songs that swept the nation in the past; songs like “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)” by Nine Days or “Little Black Backpack” by Stroke 9. But I also think about the indie sensibility of piano-pop bands akin to Jack’s Mannequin. Accessibility is the name of the game. Gillmor has a smooth tenor that checks the whiny angst at the door (even when lamenting plenty on slower songs “Without You” or “In This Moment”). However, even in the presence of a jackhammer, Counting The Days would hardly be considered groundbreaking. Get over that fact, which, let’s face it, nobody cares about nearly as much as they say, and you’ll have 7 songs perfect for any carefree karaoke session.

“Kids Will Be Kids” is rebellious in the same way that a preppy kid takes up skateboarding rather than squash. Gillmor looks back on his past and wonders how he got to this point in his life. He belts out, “I can’t believe that I’m still around!” Must be some story there. Despite the obvious strife being detailed, poppy percussion and guitars hinting at classic Americana keep the mood light. A punk band may make a song like this sound very rough, but Gillmor lays the pop on thick. The track could easily be his follow-up single, or on the soundtrack to a new Kate Hudson movie.

Strange review aside, Gillmor should have a bright future. See them now before ticket prices skyrocket and Perez Hilton blogs about their drummer hitting a stalker with his Benz. Yes, they’ll be that big.

Recommended If You Like: Nine Days, Jack's Mannequin, prospecting, The Morning Of (sans females), blog safaris -

Our Top Unsigned band Gillmor will have their song Hey as the theme song to the new Farrelly Bros. sitcom called Unhitched.

The Farrelly Bros. are known for their movies There's Something About Mary, Shallow Hal, Me Myself & Irene and Dumb & Dumber.

Unhitched is set to air on FOX in March.

This is a HUGE for Gillmor. - THE DAILY CHORUS


California Summer EP-2006
Counting The Days EP-2007
Single "Hey!" in rotation on Sacramento, CA radio station KWOD 106.5



Gillmor just might be the band that ends the rock n roll civil war between Northern and Southern California. Sacramento based singer-songwriter Ryan Gillmor struck up a long distance relationship with the orphaned members of a Southern California based band and there’s been no stopping them ever since.

Most recently, Gillmor’s song “Hey” has been selected as the main theme song for Fox’s highly anticipated new comedy series “Unhitched” created by the Farrelly Brothers (Something About Mary, Dumb & Dumber); the show’s first season kicks off March 2008.

Ryan Gillmor thought he’d had it with the drama of being in a band after a few false-starts, he was ready to go it alone. In 2005 he packed a suitcase and set out like a modern day troubadour with three chords, a compact car and an acoustic guitar. He made a solo EP called “California Summer” and on a whim decided to quit his job and follow the 2006 Warped Tour where he diligently hit the lines outside every morning armed with a box of CDs and some headphones. His goal was to sell enough copies to sustain his vagabond existence; fill up the tank, eat truck stop food and occasionally score a cheap motel instead of sleeping in his car. 20 cities later he had sold close to 2000 copies of the EP on his own.

This quickly gained him attention back home where he became something of a local phenomenon, packing his own club shows and being invited to open shows by acts such as: The Bravery, Butch Walker, Howie Day, Meg & Dia, etc. But after traveling all those lonely miles, Ryan decided he was sick of playing musical solitaire and he was ready to try expanding into a full band.

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles’ dark secret known as the Inland Empire a young brit-rock inspired band called Eva Elliott was calling it quits after their singer decided to cut off his guitar strings and join the real world. The remaining members stuck together and through a mutual friend learned of Ryan Gillmor, who had landed in the LA area for a time to get a change of scenery.

They joined forces and quickly realized they had found something special. After playing live as much as possible, the band now dubbed Gillmor went to work on what would become the new EP “Counting the Days”.

The impossible-not-to-sing-along-to “Hey”, was co-written by Sugarcult front-man Tim Pagnotta and is currently in regular rotation on Sacramento’s KWOD fm radio station. In addition to “Hey”, the EP features such standout tracks as “Without You” a rain-soaked lament of lost love; and the band’s irresistible upbeat anthem of post-adolescent redemption, “Kids will be Kids” which features guest vocals from Plain White T’s singer Tom Higgenson. All of Gillmor’s songs are instant classics that capture Ryan’s adventurous yet still down to Earth approach to modern pop rock songwriting framed by the band’s distinct sonic chemistry.

In the summer of 2007, Ryan followed his wanderlust and joined the Warped Tour again; this time from inside the gates, earning his admission by volunteering for Music Saves Lives, a charity organization that uses music as a starting off point for raising money and awareness for important causes. Once again, he sold close to 2000 copies of the technically still unreleased EP over the month-long stint.

Gillmor has built itself up brick by brick simply letting the music do the talking; but now with the new EP, the upcoming TV show theme song, and a coveted slot on Music Saves Lives’ Digital Donation Tour* in early 2008; the people are talking back and it looks like Gillmor’s moment has arrived.

*An innovative touring concept featuring laptop computers that sell songs directly to fans who bring their MP3 players, then donates the money to important causes.