Gills and Wings

Gills and Wings

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

Modern pop-rock, or anything that could crossover these days, is usually too paint-by-numbers to really excite anyone, but Gills and Wings have the talent to surprise audiences, and shouldn't be missed.


Gills and Wings is a cocktail of dramatic rock and decadent pop. They effortlessly juxtapose bold and politically charged lyrics with heartbreaking, moody melodies that contain colorful choruses, and flamboyant flair. These contrasts are symbolic of the band members themselves, who combine differences in age, cultural background and sexual orientation to form one enigmatic entity.

In addition to receiving airplay on MTV�s The Real World, Gills and Wings are
building an impressive following in their home base of Richmond, Virginia. Their story began with the musical collaborations of Uruguayan Santiago and Cuban Danny at arts school in their hometown of Miami. Whilst in college, a friend connected the Hispanic duo with Alex, who had played on Jason Mraz� debut album �Waiting for My Rocket To Come�. Alex, in turn, introduced the band members to Andy and Matt who had played with him in a previous band called Buddha Pop. Alex and Andy had also collaborated together on the score for the independent film �Solitude�. After months of mailing demos and ideas, and whilst traveling up and down the East coast, Danny and Santi took the plunge and moved to Richmond, where Gills and Wings were born.

The band's name refers to the transformational power of music, and its ability to push people to transcend their everyday lives. It originally came from a line in a song that Danny and Santi first wrote together. The song was about supernatural strength, and based off the Ubermensch theory of the super human. The band feels that the theme of transformation represented their views on music � when they play and hear music, they transcend their normal lives and experience something unique.

The band pools their musical influences from a diversity of sources. Danny draws
from 20th Century jazz and pop composers such as Johnny Mercer, Rodgers and Hammerstein and Cole Porter. His taste of course includes contemporary artists like Radiohead and The Beatles. Santi takes his influences from the likes of Coldplay, Fiona Apple and hip-hop artists such as Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., as well as classical composers like Debussy and Schubert. Alexʼs inspirations include Tom Waits, The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Mattʼs bass-playing influences include Windham Hillʼs Michael Manring and The New Bohemiansʼ Brad Houser, whilst Andy is huge fan of XTC.

The eclectic backgrounds, musical influences and life experiences of the band
members express themselves powerfully in their new self-titled debut EP. The EP
features tracks ranging from the atmospheric ʻMan In The Wellʼ, to the upbeat MTV hit ʻCircusʼ, to the politically fueled ʻRebirth of a Nationʼ.

Now after years of cross-country collaboration, studio time, and local gigs, Gills and Wings has jumped in at the deep end, and with the release of their debut EP, are ready to fly.


Rebirth of a Nation

Written By: Gills and Wings

Springtime and butterflies
Oh, they paint my eyes the colors
Of the fruited plains your brothers
Penned to propagate their pride
America, isn't quite right
Is is the sight beyond my glasses?
Do burning crosses hide behind
All those elephants and asses?

Don't you mind that
Or the pointed hat. No?
It's just a bureaucrat. Oh!
He's fighting for your right to speak against him but
don't you dare do it!

I've got a dream,
It's a rare commodity
La la la la L'America
I can hope for equality
I'll plant my seed
And wait for germination
La la la la L'America
The rebirth of a nation

Might as well forgive you now
'Cause you'll apologize tomorrow
After all the pain and sorrow
We'll hold hands and sing about
America, land of the free
With our tongues in our cheeks
We'll hum the songs
But it's not okay to oppress then say
You're sorry and move on

Don't sound so sour
You haven't had your hour. No?
The burden's yours and ours. Oh!
The line that keeps us separate makes us equals so
don't you dare move it!

Take me out and take me to the city now
Let me march beside the screaming people now
We'll remove the cause for any pity now
Come on, come on, come on now!


Written By: Gills and Wings

Boy, did I let it all out last night
I drank like a fiend
Made a sloppy ol' scene
I know that I should
Always try to be good
Don't start fights, don't be crass
Or you're sure to make an ass
Of yourself like the rest of 'em
The crummy ol' lot
If they're garbage, you're just like 'em
Whether you like it or not

Puny little half-man
He's the dust of this world
Got the wits of a frat-man
And the strength of a squirrel
I said that I'd break his face
And I'm afraid that I meant it
I'm a dam with a dent
And a crack, can't prevent

A catastrophe
Oh, I don't know what is going on
Would I really hurt someone?
Could I ever do it?
Would I ever go through with it?
Oh, no
A catastrophe
Oh, I'm a dam with a dent
And a crack, can't prevent it
From pouring onto someone
From flowing onto loved ones!
Oh, no

Someone's gotta guide me
I can't grip on to the reins
I've got grief dripping inside me
And it's poisoning my brain
I know that I should
Always try to be good
Gotta watch what I'm doing
Gotta keep myself from ruin
I can't let 'em get to me
Those drama-seeking crazies
Better stop and smell the daisies
Before a

Catastrophe strikes
I don't know what is going on
Would I really hurt someone?
Could I ever do it?
Oh, would I really do it?
Oh, I'm a dam with a dent
And a crack, can't prevent it
From pouring onto someone
From flowing onto loved ones?
No, oh, no!


Gills and Wings EP

Set List

Silver light Lullaby
Time Travel
Lonely Star
Rebirth of a Nation
Grey Sweater