Gilpin Railroad Incident

Gilpin Railroad Incident


acoustic, vocal oriented, with dynamic music. Live shows are very energetic with alot of crowd participation. We are trying to cross the boundries of country/blues/rock, and putting our own twist on the music.


Our music is based on relating to everyday people with everyday issues. We take pride in developing a dynamic sound music wise, and love to stack vocals on top of each other. We try to describe our style as if Allman Brothers, Crosby Stills and Nash, and Little Big Town had reproduce...GRI would be the product. Our live shows set us apart from any other bands. Our music seems to strike a chord with the vast amount of people, and we hope to continue to do what we love.....and that is to WRITE good tunes


we have had several songs played on various radio stations in Maine, but we havent ventured out of the state for more broad airplay as of yet.

Set List

we try to play as many originals as we can get away with. If its a national act we are playing with, then we stick to originals. If its a fair or festival, then you might hear cover songs like..
Whipping Post, Almost Cut My Hair, Seven Bridges Road, Pride and Joy to name a few.
For the 4 hour shows, we may play 10 cover songs a night, with about 25+ originals depending on the crowd.